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Masquerade! What Kind of Mask Would you Wear?

My daughter is approaching a milestone on her 30th Birthday. I guess I am getting up there in age. It is hard to believe that time has indeed passed quickly; to look at her, she is beautiful, her own woman, and I am so proud of her. She is planning a masquerade theme party.

Although the guests are not required to wear masks, it is her wish, and her desire that they do. It got me thinking about what type of mask I’d wear and to decide whether I’d create it, buy it or opt to wear masquerade make-up.

FYI: The last option would not be suitable for me. I am not a face artist; although, it be very cool!

I viewed various tutorials about Masquerade masks two nights ago and the spectacular styles available on YouTube. I was amazed that this is such a craze! I found it so fascinating that I decided to upload a few to share.

I welcome your feedback, and tell me what you think.


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Message is Dedicated to Those with a Full Heart…not just for Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day is  a beautiful holiday dedicated to those in love, it should be an everyday event. A special day that is meaningful, exciting and full of wonder and the world would be better for it. Do you agree? Look towards your neighbor, friend or family, reach out and do something special. It would be an awesome gift to share with a another being. Don’t you think? You are probably asking, what is my point? My point is that Valentine’s day should not  be dedicated only to those that are in love.

Think about it! Shouldn’t we be enamored with life? Take that energy full of love and keep it going like a torch with its flames never to be extinguished? This may brighten your day,  give it more light and view it with a sharper color hue.

Some see Valentine’s Day as a burden. Choose to celebrate it in a different way… share it with a good friend, call someone in your family that you have not spoken to in a while and take that step.

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In Memory of Whitney Houston

Whitney died today at 48, it was a shock…she was a great loss with so much talent. I just viewed her music on YouTube from her most recent album, ” I look to you.”  I really don’t know why it has affected me so, perhaps it is because she died young, just a few years younger than me. It goes to show that you never know when your maker sends for you. She definitely made her mark on this earth. I would like to place some of her songs on this page in memory of a great legend…

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Keep Well

You are the most important person, first and foremost.

If you did not take good care of yourself, what would happen?

You would not be any good to those that love you.

Imagine! You are most valuable and as stable as gold.

Take the necessary steps, or else the outcome will not be good.

It is important that you take notice of this message!

Only you hold the key to keeping health sacred.

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