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I Wanted to Write


I made this one with fabric from an old blouse, added white sequins with tacky glue and glue gunned the flower. Not bad for my first try in doing these masks.

Lately,  I have been extremely busy with various projects. We are planning my daughter’s 30th birthday party, where I am making the posters for the hall, masquerade masks (just a few) and slide show video. It is amazing how much time passes when you are busy doing things.

Perhaps, you are wondering, “what is my point?” My purpose is to talk about it and to vent. My productivity is good, but I am obsessing over it. God only knows that I continue to pray for the event to come out just right without any stumbles. To top it off, I have family coming, Wow! Don’t get me wrong I am happy, but I am stressing.

Ending on a positive note:  I am attaching a picture of me wearing a masquerade mask that I made. Very proud!