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The Light of a Loved One has Extinguished

When the light of a loved one is extinguished by events unforeseen, and that family member is no longer with us. It amazes me the dimness of our world afterwards. The thoughts of our mortality seeping into our minds. You find yourself visiting a place where you do not wish to visit. Our time, the year or date in which we will no longer be in existence. You try to connect by trying to put yourself in the shoes of those left behind, but you can’t.

You do not want to visit that dark place, but yet you ponder, pull it apart and study it from every angle. You say your goodbyes, pray, but you can never forget the impact this person had on each and everyone. Don’t wait for the loss of a loved one to occur to reflect. We should do it differently, right?┬áLive life with purpose. Honor those that are close to us. Regardless, whether you are in speaking terms or not, seek them out!

In loving memory of our cousin, Jaime Luis Soto, who passed away a few days ago. He was a great guy, who touched so many lives with his genuineness, his sense of humor and his wit. He was a loving husband, father, a grandfather, a good provider and is loved by many.

We will never forget you, Jim.You are at peace now and will always be in our hearts!