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Stories of My Father: The Engagement Bracelets

My father often spoke of my grandmother’s engagement bracelets. How my grandfather had proposed, and instead of an engagement ring. My grandma received a set of 24 carat gold engagement bracelets.

My grandmother always wore the bracelets, but when she passed away at age 77, they too disappeared. We never knew who in the family got possession of them. A mystery!

Although my father never went into detail of their courtship, he did mention how much my grandfather loved my grandmother and how well he provided for them until his death in 1950. After his death things changed for my grandmother and her life would never be the same again.

As a child hearing these family stories. You could not help but want to know more. Personally, I always had an ongoing curiosity about my family history. Not too long ago I joined in hopes of piecing together my family’s missing pieces.

I would love to know how my grandparents met.  How long was their courtship? Did my grandfather go to my grandmother’s father for her hand in marriage? How young were they?  It all remains a mystery to this day. My father never mentioned his grandfather, only his grandmother.


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Stories of My Father


My father

Every family has a story and for every story, there would be a member that will tell it. Growing up, that person was my dad. We’d gather together, and all eyes would be on him as he told the story. The main character in his stories was his father. During a holiday or a family gathering, it would not matter. It was among the favorite things that I’d look forward to as a kid.

My grandparents

I never met my grandfather; he died before I was born.  My curiosity has always been a huge one. My grandfather was a commercial business owner/ distributor in Ponce, Puerto Rico and my grandmother taught second-grade elementary school.

When they married, my grandmother stopped teaching to raise a family. They had two daughters and three boys. My aunts, uncles and my father. My dad was the youngest child.

My grandfather died at the of age fifty-seven.

My father told many family stories. I cherished every story, and  I hope you will too. Be on the look out for future entries.

My grandfather

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A View of the Autumn Leaves

It's Autumn

As she sits she admires the view of the autumn leaves with their unique colors. She enjoys the peacefulness of her back porch on a chilly brisk morning. Her memory travels back to the way things were in the beginning. She finds herself missing his caresses, his gentle touch and the sound of his voice and the way it soothed her to a great calm.

On many occasions, Charisima has voiced her feelings, but her concerns are not being heard. He is oblivious! Does he think that things will continue as they have been? The relationship is traveling in the direction of a downward spiral of despair.

Their children are grown now with their own lives to live.  Her hope, her love for him is unwavering.

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An Aging Actor

” At first, dreams seem impossible, improbable, and eventually inevitable.”
~Christopher Reeves

Did you ever watch actors that are up in years and say to yourself, ” an aging actor oh so furious.”  Should I say fierce! Well I have on many occasions.

I especially admire actors that began later in life. An example: Regis Philbin who began at age 50, or Morgan Freeman I believe he was about the same age when he was in the spotlight of fame.

Another was Kathryn Joosten. She went on to win two Emmy’s for her role as the elderly neighbor on Desperate Housewives and Colonel Sanders was age 65, when he launched Kentucky Fried Chicken.

It goes to show that it isn’t  too late to follow your dream. All you have to do is truly believe!

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Waiting for Sleep

Sleep is so important. When you lack it. It will make you crazy, cause you want it! I am not sleeping. Is it my food intake? Am I doing mental lists? Perhaps, I am on overload from the day.
I miss sleeping like I use to. In fact, I wish I could fall asleep as easy. Like my husband with little to no effort. It does not happen often, but when it does. It is such a pain!
It is now 2:27 am. It’s insane!

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When you are born, you don’t get to choose who you will be related to. You only get the opportunity in one lifetime to know and love your family to the best of your capabilities.
The challenge? What if your sister, brother, mother, father, cousins, aunts and uncles are not close to you?
Growing up in my immediate household I was closer to my brother than my sister. There was constant turbulence between us. My parents relationship? Not your typical marriage. My father was always working and my mother was in charge of keeping the house and us kids in order. Even my relationship with my siblings, we were at odds at one time or another.
Don’t get me wrong I love my family with all of their quirks and dysfunction. Lately,  there has been a lot more distance between us. Perhaps, life in general getting in the way and it being the culprit.
I reach out, I see my mother, my brother I speak with on occasion and my sister? Allegedly, she remains in her world. Unable to carve out time, but that’s okay I love her regardless.
I count my blessings each and everyday. I strive to keep connected with those I love. My daughter,  granddaughter and my son, on the other hand? We need to be in touch with each other more.

Like the saying goes, ” all good things come to those who wait.” Does it?

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Another Sleepless Night

Why can’t I sleep, especially this week? I must be on mind overload. Why is that? Turned on the television… I flipped channels for a bit. Watched Real Time with Bill Maher, but it was a repeat. I kind of hoped to hear his take on the debate between Obama and Romney.

I did not expect Obama to be so laid back. I did not feel like he had his A game. Romney surprisingly had his guns packed. He scares me…my 54th birthday is in December. If Romney is elected I will be among those that will be on that voucher system and retirement won’t be until I am in my seventies.

What if I become unhealthy? My family medical gene pool is not great. I will be totally screwed!

Did I mention I am looking for work, unemployed now going on two years. Countless resumes sent out, four interviews and no prospects to date. Wow! No wonder I can’t sleep…too much crap floating about on my mind.

I have to believe that things will get better for all of us.

And maybe, just maybe…I will find my sleep again.

With a little prayer, let’s hope so.