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Forgiveness Prayer


Father in law

I wish you well on your procedure.

I asked God to keep you safe.

You and I have never seen eye to eye, but in writing this?

I am letting go all resentment and animosity I have carried throughout the years.

It is for the greater good for you and for me.

Praise God!

It took me years to get it.

Forgiveness is not to be forgiven, but to move forward in our own life.




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Our Lucky


Lucky, our cat is very cute. Doesn’t he look peaceful in his sleep?  What is he dreaming about? A chase up a tree after a squirrel, perhaps?  On the hunt after a rabbit in the yard?  He is probably dreaming about leaving a gift for me outside on the walkway.

In real life Lucky is not a hunter, but my other cat Phantom was. She was the huntress and has long passed. Lucky used to watch her as she go on her hunt, but he was never brazen enough to do the hunting.

Animal bad habits?  Lucky snores like a human. He can be quite startling, if you are not expecting it. If you close your eyes? You can easily imagine a person in the room doing the snoring.

Lucky has a good appetite, but is pretty needy. He originally belonged to my sister. We suspect that prior to my sister adopting him, he was abused. The story goes, as a kitten, Lucky was flung out of a truck.  Truth or not, I tend to believe it, based on his behavior.

Lucky has been with us about ten years. I always said that he belonged to us. Each time I visited my sister, he would come by me, being his owner was destined.

Lucky is an older cat, he tends to sleep most of the day and go out at night to do his business. That is the cat world!

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I Need my Space!

How do you tell someone who you love that you need your space? I love my mother very much, but how did I miss this specific detail? The smothering! I love the company to a point but farther than that, “Hell to the NO!”
I do not mean any disrespect but whoa! It has been a difficult two weeks thus far. My husband’s father is in the hospital another story for another day.

I must come up with some plan if I am going to survive her living with us. Lord knows I have been praying. It is like she does not know how to spend time by herself. I look forward to my day; even my husband has an understanding of this.

I have not gotten any serious writing done since she has moved in and it weighs me down. I need to write!

When company comes over, it is all well and good, but once they go home, they go back!  Since she has been living with us, it has been very challenging.

I feel guilty even writing about it, but this is my venting time. Alleluia! She finally went to her room.

I have my alone time.

Trying to see the light of things!


Stories of My Father: “Mami de Abajo”

Childhood memories can be a tricky thing for one person more than another. Two siblings can grow up in the same environment, but the experience will be different and told differently. The way I remember my grandmother, my brother or sister may not have the same memory.

My grandmother was kind, loving, a tender woman with an abundance of love to give. We referred to her as mami de abajo( mom from below).  We lived on the fifth floor of the same building and she lived on the second, hence, the nickname. We did not call her grandma just mami. Her hair was kept tied behind her head in shape of a bun.

I remember this particular house dress that she wore, brown print with small flower buds, no sleeves and flat house slippers.

I was very attached to her, maybe due to how she showed an interest. I felt the love, care and most importantly I was valued.

Growing up in a home where your time is shared by other siblings. You don’t get the same quality from the parents. Not to say that I was loved any less. It was just the way things were in those day. My parents did the best with what they had at the time.

Mami de abajo, was passionate and strict in her way of thinking. How my father remembered the wedding planning for my cousin’s wedding? My grandmother campaigned on my behalf. She wanted me to be my cousin’s flower girl, but my cousin felt that I was too old at nine. Her first choice was my sister, who was seven.

Can you guess who won that battle? Yes, I became my cousin’s flower girl. I found the story very amusing to say the least.

There has been many instances, where I have wondered what my grandmother would say about this or that in my current life. I do feel deep in my heart that our relationship would have continued to be close, as it was when I was a child.

I was twelve when my grandmother passed. Mami de abajo, this one is for you written with love.

My grandmother, ” Mami de Abajo.”