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Farewell My Lucky

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Lucky passed away this afternoon at age 15.

Our handsome cat, Lucky was put to sleep. He lost his battle to feline aids and our surprise? Losing Lucky was very shocking!. He was a beautiful blonde tabby with extra toes often referred to as a Hemingway or a snowshoe cat.

You never can shake the sadness from your heart or stop the tears from streaming down your face, and no matter how many times we lose a pet, Lucky was our family member!

My husband was with him in the end; I was at work. I felt great guilt for not being able to hold him in my arms and to say good-bye. His original weight prior to being sick was twenty-eight pounds and  was a mere twelve pounds when he passed away.

Lucky began to drop the weight a month prior. He had stopped eating and would not drink the water. Why didn’t I notice his symptoms?

When I first met Lucky, he was my sister’s cat; Lucky was a beautiful kitten shaped like a ball of fur with a golden color hue and with dazzling blue eyes.

At the time, my sister was unable to care for Lucky.  In my heart, I knew he was meant to be with us. He loved the outdoors, except when a lightning storm hit.  The sound would give him such a scare, and he would go into hiding.

Lucky loved to eat. If you were not quick to serve his food? Watch out!  He would entangle himself between your legs. If not careful, you would fall.

He loved massages by anyone that visited our house, especially my best friend’s husband, Don.

Farewell my Lucky, my handsome cat. I know that you are now in a better place with no pain or suffering.


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