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How is life?

My life is pretty damn good; I have air in my lungs and energy in my step. Embrace your gifts; you may miss a valuable opportunity for discovery.  I had an in-depth conversation with a friend, recently. I told her of my ” tales of woe ” for that particular day. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.

My friend is such a brave soul for having a challenging and complicated friend. In a tactful, politically correct fashion. This phrase was expressed, ” I know that you are going through a hard time right now, but at this moment, if you are not ready to make the proper changes to improve your situation, then there is no point dwelling on it.”

I quoted it, exactly how she said it and to be honest? I felt insulted but deep down I knew she was right.

We should not fester about problems if we are not ready to step up and change it.

She is my support person, and we work for the same complex organization. It is almost like being part of a “Tele-Novela” without the hot sex, infidelity or mayhem.