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Thirty-four Years

Our anniversary wedding

Thirty-four years! Thinking back on how we met; “One’s disco?” You introduced your dad as your uncle, funny! Remember that?

It is where it all began. We were so young and inexperienced. A young man asks a young woman to dance, instantly bringing them together, not expecting to unite and to share a life. I don’t want to sound cliche, but we have survived the turbulence, the trials and anything that was thrown our way in between.

The question that we get asked, “What is your formula for a successful marriage?” There is no set formula!

My advice is to, “laugh,  talk, cry, laugh some more and talk it out! The key is to talk it out!

I look forward to the next thirty or more years together.

With all my love,




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My Horrific Job Experience

Charity's Blog

It is a funny thing to reflect back on past events. You find yourself wanting the outcome to be different and walk away with a positive note. My horrific job experience has been replayed on and off in my mind for two years. It was the worst experience I have ever endured!

Where do I begin? Prior to working for the state, my employment experience was to provide service to those with mental illness. I did it for ten years.

What changed? I wanted seek professional growth.

Train the New Employee

My experience being a state employee was totally different from working for a non-profit. In working with the elderly, I was assigned a trainer, and I  was required to commit for one year. My duties were to go out into the community to learn the process of assessing elderly individuals seeking services.

Conflict:  It was difficult to conduct a thorough assessment, to be interrupted multiple times and  told…

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My Creativity

Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.
– Ayn Rand

I think back to when my words flowed, my creative streak was in full gear. My words came through like musical notes on a  page to form a beautiful melody. I am in a struggle attempting to create a work of art to keep you awe-struck!  Let me know, how I do at the end of this piece.

I don’t know about you, but I find myself questioning my creativity. Where has it gone? I looked forward to writing; I could not get enough of it!

I think I stopped writing when I started working. I spent two years on the unemployed island. It was what I did-It consumed me! The feeling of my fingers as I typed on the keys, the ideas flowing and seeing the finished product created by me. It was nothing like it.

It was what I did to avoid thinking about being jobless. The many job searches and resumes that were sent out. I can not begin to count how many and eventually,  I stopped counting. My escape was the writing which kept me from pulling my hair out!

I want it back, that feeling of oneness with ideas and the flow of words.

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