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Yes! We Are All The Same

Yes! We are all the same

The human race,  we belong!

We bleed bright red through our veins

Flesh and bone, organs with a beating  heart

Yes! We are all the same

Our beating heart continues to palpitate

Each and every day

No one can take that away

Love is the key to our salvation

Yes! We are all the same

One creator, one and only creator!

Without Him, we are nothing but dust

In a desert of despair

Look inside, not the outside in

Think long and hard

Yes! We are the same





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My Best Self


It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. ~Confucious

What direction is my life going? I aspire to be my best self, but I am not where I should be. Many know early on where their path will lie, but I have not found mine yet. At the age of 57, I continue to search for my best self. I have been in many positions of employment. However, I have not been enriched or happy in any of them. That has been a hard pill to swallow! I am rich with the knowledge of many things and applied them to my life. I share with individuals in need of a resource or a contact.

What I do know about me I am a very creative person never been given the opportunity to showcase mine talent. I have learned from the school of hard knocks that I must advocate, to speak up even if it hurts and to receive feedback from my peers no matter how much it stings. I continue my search for my best self I will keep going…and not stop!



Pulse: We are all Connected!

“Only God can turn a mess into a message, a test into a testimony, a trial into a triumph, a victim into a victory.” ~Unknown

The aftermath of the Pulse tragedy weighs heavily on my mind. It was a crime of hate and Yes! It is a “Hate Crime!” On the news, as reported, an act of terrorism, but this individual hated people of a different culture, lifestyle.

My son’s friends died in that tragedy; his friends invited him out that night, but a little twist of fate kept him from going. He was celebrating a friend’s birthday, and he almost canceled with her to meet his friends. Little did he know that it would be the last time. I came close to losing my son that night. It just makes me value those around me even more. My son is grieving the loss of his friends, Juan and Drew. My heart is full of sadness; all those young souls that will no longer have their families, friends love on them ever again.

We must all strive for love and not hate. Every human on our planet connects to all walks of life. We all bleed the same; we are made up of blood, blood-red with flesh on our bones. 

Get rid of the labels, the status quo. Let us rebuild, move forward, and mourn for those we have lost and celebrate how they lived!

We are Orlando Strong!

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Arg! The Political World


I got my eye on you!

Arg! The political world is so full of rhetoric, lies, and fabrications. Candidates are no longer held accountable, and many even go out of their way to discredit the opposition. We as constituents have a responsibility as well. Don’t take things at face value, consider the source and who has a high stake in the political outcome. Don’t get me wrong there are good; hard-working candidates that care about the people they plan to serve.

Whatever happened to stick to the issues and speaking out on ways of improving lives, if elected? Apparently, that is no longer so!

Decorum no longer exists, skies the limit! It ranges from the candidates at the local level all the way up to the presidential. I have lost count every time I turned on the television and confronted with a campaign commercial with a candidate in view slinging insults towards another. It has become a free for all! Where is our world going?

Candidates must stop wasting time creating negative energy and stand on their merit! The applicant’s negativity is contagious and destructive, and many are affected. Just watch the news, it is in our faces every day.

I don’t usually write and complain about political stuff, but it has become very disturbing. Food for thought!