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Dear Voter: Beware of the Big Bad Wolf!

“The wolf is carnivore incarnate and he’s as cunning as he is ferocious; once he’s had a taste of flesh then nothing else will do.”
Angela Carter

I am reaching out to you this morning to call out! Try and cipher through the negativity dealt with candidates that are undeserving of these attacks, “beware of the big bad wolf!” Beginning with the presidential election,  Hillary vs. Trump campaign. From the beginning, ads kept coming about Hillary’s emails and Trumps tax returns and taking it to the extreme blaming Hillary for her husband’s indiscretion? Whether you are cheering for Trump or Hillary, I say look beyond the crap flung!

As a resident of Osceola County, I see the negativity in full swing with many of the local, state candidates. It is deplorable, disgusting the methods used in attempts to take down an opponent, and individual opposing candidates hiding behind political action committees. It seems like everything is up for grabs, the more sensational, the more votes gained! Those doing the negative ads may think so, but I believe good prevails over evil! It is no surprise that the focus by those aspiring, opposing candidates is to get the unattainable brass ring for those positions of power. Is it worth destroying your opponent’s reputation and family to get it? Personal attacks are not to come into the picture no matter what!

Advice to the opposing candidates running for office and have resorted to negativity? It is a sign of insecurity, desperation and not showcasing a platform worth considering. If you have a stable, secure platform, there is no need for flinging negativity towards your opponent because your platform will speak for itself in the end.

Food for thought!


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Stop being Judgy!

“Even a book can be dangerous in the wrong hands, and when that happens, you blame the hands, but you also read the book.”
Erika Johansen, The Queen of the Tearling

I get sick and tired of humans going all judgy at first blush upon reading or hearing the news, instead of moving forward towards the truth. Nowadays through social media,  the information presented is at times intended to distort and sensationalize. We, as humans do not take the time to research before drawing a conclusion, it is crazy!

In our personal lives, there is always someone who will come up to you and say, “did you hear about so and so? ” And based on the information the person  receives, they will react and say, ” how awful!” Try and hold your opinion until the facts are checked out.

That is how things are in this day and age; it is our new normal! It is utterly pathetic! I, myself have been guilty of this and am working to improve on avoiding getting to judgy about the hearsay of every day.

Next time you read or someone tells you something that they heard. Refrain from commenting, do the research, fact check!

Food for thought.

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Spider, Spider!

Image result for Quotes about deception in politics

Spider, Spider

I see you in your web

plotting, conniving to deceive

Spider, Spider

Do you sleep?

Dreaming about the damage effete

Spider, Spider

Your deviant practice will bring demise

And you will be on the web

Spider, Spider

All bad things come to an end

And you will be no more







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All for Political Gain​


Persons within the political world are doing harm to candidates for political gain, and power. It has made me question humanity. Do humans commit hate-based acts of evil for revenge or payback? Is an election so important that you feel the need to discredit, malign a fellow candidate? If so, you have sold your soul to the devil!

Citizens for Integrity in Florida, a mysterious special interest group, has surfaced. Furthermore, this group is doing a negative campaign against the current candidate, John Cortes, the incumbent running for Florida House, District 43 re-election.  It so happens that the negative ad began to circulate about the same time of the PACs inception.

The opposing candidates should show themselves to the candidates they are challenging instead of lurking about in the shadows behind a PAC-Political Actions Committee.

Citizens, voters must look beyond that smoke screen, find the source and don’t think that those special interest groups are exempt. They go after the candidate not considering that it is the whole family they are attacking, not just the candidate.

The candidate and his family worked very hard to heal from what happened. They since moved on and are a stronger family for it!

To My friends and Family of Facebook

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To My friends and Family of Facebook


There is a negative ad about my husband, and it is circulating Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is disheartening when your 13-year-old granddaughter contacts you to question why a bad picture of her grandfather is on her Instagram newsfeed.  She told her mom that she felt uncomfortable and confused!  She is a kid, and it is about her grandfather who she loves very much!

The ad brings up a dark time in our family life. John Cortes’s mugshot is on display in a video slide show making claims of having a history of violence, hitting me and punching our daughter. My husband has never laid his hands on me, and he paid for what happened to our daughter. We, as a family has healed, and we are much stronger for it.

John Cortes for those who do not know him? He is a good man, hardworking and there is nothing that he will not do for you. As your legislator, he has lived up to his commitment to being, “local, vocal and approachable!” He is an  Osceola County resident, and he will continue regardless of countless attempts by his opponents to discredit, malign him as an individual, candidate, and public official.  

John Cortes is running for re-election in the Florida House of Representatives, District 43. He has run a clean campaign, but, unfortunately, his opponents chose the latter.

I am disgusted, appalled that the candidates would go as low as dirt to gain votes and hide behind a PAC, which is cowardice! They took a dark season from our life and embellished it, spun it for their political gain, which its horrible and inexcusable!

Thank you,

Caridad Cortes