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Persons within the political world are doing harm to candidates for political gain, and power. It has made me question humanity. Do humans commit hate-based acts of evil for revenge or payback? Is an election so important that you feel the need to discredit, malign a fellow candidate? If so, you have sold your soul to the devil!

Citizens for Integrity in Florida, a mysterious special interest group, has surfaced. Furthermore, this group is doing a negative campaign against the current candidate, John Cortes, the incumbent running for Florida House, District 43 re-election.  It so happens that the negative ad began to circulate about the same time of the PACs inception.

The opposing candidates should show themselves to the candidates they are challenging instead of lurking about in the shadows behind a PAC-Political Actions Committee.

Citizens, voters must look beyond that smoke screen, find the source and don’t think that those special interest groups are exempt. They go after the candidate not considering that it is the whole family they are attacking, not just the candidate.

The candidate and his family worked very hard to heal from what happened. They since moved on and are a stronger family for it!

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