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The Corona Life Style


” Make Each Day Your Masterpiece”

~John Wooden

It seems like an eternity since I last blogged. I missed blogging, but as you all know, life has a new meaning these days. Human beings need interaction and need that human connection, and the new normal is staying at home with our loved ones hence the Corona Life Style. I am not ungrateful, but I found common ground with the new standards that we are currently living in.

People are more in touch, for example, Zoom and What’s app, and I use them to keep that connection with my kids, my granddaughter, family, and friends. Creativity continues to blossom throughout humanity, spectacular! Many are using that video connection to share recipes or a craft or musical talents, for example, Smule, a Karaoke site and if you are wondering?  Yes, I have dabbled with singing online.

It is incredible how many of us have adapted to the new normal. I regularly see it on Facebook and Instagram. I love the Do It Yourself projects, and I am proud to say I learned how to make masks, and I don’t sew. How is that for the kicker!

I must mention the darkness we have witnessed, and the lives lost due to the Coronavirus. It is heartbreaking! I praise the heroes in the front lines that are out there everyday, saving lives and keeping us safe.

Unfortunately, many do not believe the Coronavirus is as severe. Still, when people you know that are close to you become infected, then your life lense becomes a little more focused and will put things into perspective. Life is precious, honor it, and don’t squander it!

I am blessed to have my family first and foremost, my friends, and a job that allows me to work from home. I have been in the stay at home mode since March 23rd, and in retrospect, it feels so much longer. I want all of us to continue to stay safe and practice the guidelines as we enter the next phase.

Author: charity1958

I am a writer at heart. My love for writing was discovered back in 2009. I truly believe that it is never too late to discover your passion. I am originally from the Bronx of New York and presently reside​ in Kissimmee, Florida since 1994. My interest is vast with a multitude of ideas. I look forward to writing about them and I hope you will join me as I express my views, ideas, and passion for life.

2 thoughts on “The Corona Life Style

  1. You’ve said it all, and said it well. I agree with you! Btw, what’s your next project? Any crocheting or knitting plans?


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