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Coronavirus: A Visit to Ma’s

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

~Dolly Parton

How many of you have a family member in a nursing home or an assisted living facility? It can be frustrating, and heart-wrenching. It is our new normal! I have not seen my mother-in-law since the beginning of this pandemic. She has Alzheimer’s and I am worried about this crisis furthering her condition. My fear is when this is over she will not know us.

Ma lives in memory care, her condition is at the beginning stages, she still knows us and she is well-loved by the staff and the residents. 

Fast forward to today. My husband and I decided to pay a visit and we are well aware that we can not visit due to the pandemic. I realize it is for the safety of the residents as well as ours, but I miss her deeply!

Upon arrival, at the entrance,  we saw a sign that read, “Heroes Work Here!,” it struck my heart and the reality of it all was extremely real! 

We drove toward the back of the parking lot by the outer glass door by the activity room and as we looked inside, there was Ma and she immediately spotted us. One of the nurse’s aides assisted her and the happiness on my mother-in-law’s face was well worth it.

We visited for 15 minutes but it is a memory that will stay with me for as long as I live!

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Coronavirus: Are We Entering a False Sense of Security?

” Being human is given. But keeping our humanity is a choice.”


Today is May 1, 2020, and some are preparing to reopen throughout the US, and if you are like me. You are probably asking, is it safe? I feel there is considerable uneasiness in my house. How about you? I have seen protests on the news of people wanting to be free to do whatever while sporting their weapons. Really? I am already seeing that folks are letting their guard down; some are not social distancing; others are not wearing a mask. It is disturbing!

People are so eager to go back to civilization, not realizing that more damage can occur. Look at the beaches in some of the states, they are open, and people are carrying on business as usual.  In my state of Florida, retail and restaurants are gearing up to open. 

It is scary, not knowing that we do not have enough tests.  Do you wonder how many individuals are walking around with no symptoms, asymptomatic? Those are the ones that should test, not just the individuals with symptoms.

Imagine being in a field full of mines, and the people are not maneuvering strategically through the minefields, and explosions are going off everywhere. That is how I see this pandemic, and you don’t want to run toward the virus. Do you? You would choose safety!

Many are not seeing or are not caring about their fellow man. Don’t forget. We are in this together!