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Was it a Dream?


Years ago, after the death of my landlady, I had a dream. It took place after we invited her friends over to the apartment after her wake. I remember we hosted, it was coffee and dessert. Her friends kept on complimenting us as to how nice we were for doing this for Ludmilla.  My husband and I would respond by saying, “We loved our landlady, Ludmilla. “ The apartment was so full of friends that we did not realize she had so many friends.

After the beverage and dessert, our landlady’s friends began to exit for the evening.

Days after, we started living downstairs due to the apartment being vacant. We were afraid someone would break-in, so we began to live downstairs until the house sold.

My neighbor, Madalane, dropped by to give us a bouquet of daffodils. I placed them on Ludmilla’s credenza. Lots of yellow petals so beautiful. The downstairs was very old-fashioned, Ludmilla had all the original appliances in the kitchen, the dinette set was made of chrome legs, plastic cushions on the backing and seat of the chairs. It was like being back in the 60s. The cabinets were white with little square windows to see the dishware, cups, and glasses on display.

That night I dreamed about Ludmilla, she visited me, but she was not the age she was when she passed. Ludmilla was 86 when she died, but in the dream, she appeared to be in her mid-50s. Her hair was black styled in an updo, exquisite. She was dressed in a plaid suit, pink and blue squares, white background, and black pumps.

In the dream, she began to inquire, “what have you done with my things.” I began to show her the glasses and dishware in the cabinets and how we are living downstairs until the house sells. I continued telling her that we packed all her belongings to ship to Riga, Lavia, to her niece and nephew, as she stated in her will. I was so happy to speak with her and catch up with her, and I wanted to make sure that she’d be pleased with us. She complimented me, and indeed she was delighted. I showed Ludmilla the daffodils that my neighbor had bought over earlier in the day placed on the credenza.

At that moment, she glances at me, and she expressed she has to go. I did not want her to go. As we looked at each other we embraced, she expressed her goodbyes, as she disappeared, I woke up sobbing. I woke up my husband, and he was concerned that I was crying so much. It was an emotional and intense time. Was it a dream? Did she visit me?

Author: charity1958

I am a writer at heart. My love for writing was discovered back in 2009. I truly believe that it is never too late to discover your passion. I am originally from the Bronx of New York and presently reside​ in Kissimmee, Florida since 1994. My interest is vast with a multitude of ideas. I look forward to writing about them and I hope you will join me as I express my views, ideas, and passion for life.

7 thoughts on “Was it a Dream?

  1. It’s fully possible. They say we are more open to paranormal stuff when we’re asleep because our logic isn’t blocking it. I got plenty of these paranormal experiences.
    Like when I move in with my husband (we are from different country) from the first time I used the bath I told him that I have a feeling that there’s a woman who died in the tub. He shrugged it off, but a neighbor later told that an old woman killed herself there. Haha 😀 I actually freaked out.

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  2. I’m sure she visited you. Say a prayer for her safe passage back. Have a lovely weekend.


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