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Are you taken seriously?

Are you are taken seriously? I have and my epiphany is that I am not looked upon as the go-to of knowledge. It is not for lack of intelligence, it is due to the way I am. I come across as the kidding around, jokey type. I am pretty easy going I am good-humored. As a person with ADHD, I guess I use humor as a defense mechanism and as a way of looking beyond a disability.

As a kid, and as an adult I was viewed the same way, although I was not diagnosed with ADHD until much later, but lately, I been self-reflecting. At work, I take responsibility for my actions. I have made a great stride to improve, but when it comes to serious work issues I am not the one that appears on the radar.

Just the other day I was onsite at work and we were all called upon to make a goodbye retirement video from all the employees to one of our employees. My coworkers viewed my video submission and began to make critiques and chuckle. In my defense, I outright told them, “at least I submitted a video, did any of you?” They responded, “no, and we don’t do videos.” I indirectly let them know, “you have no right to critique if you did not participate.” They left me alone after that and proceeded as though nothing occurred. Inside within myself, I was not happy and was disappointed at their reaction.

I have worked to self improve the way I am perceived by others through my blogging, doing leadership presentations, new hire orientations, and employee of the month presentations in my professional life.

I am not there yet and I feel there is so much left for me to accomplish. Stay tuned!