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Rant Against Hate!

I reflect on what is going on in this world. Have we lost it? It seems that everything I read is about hating over one thing or another. I, for one, rather side on the common good, not hate or evil. 

Whether it is political or a critic of some sort, people can be ruthless, not mindful of fellow humans. How about connecting for the greater good, to help, to assist, or to lend an ear. 

Every time I hear about the violence, protest, and haters commenting, taring someone apart over a topic or opinion breaks my heart. 

I know that this pandemic has not made it easy for many of us and the violence and the presidential election coming up in November. 

I don’t recognize the US. We need a solution. I air on the side of humans, not politics! We can agree to disagree. 


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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was safe and productive, surrounded by those you love. Let me hear the tea as they say. So, this weekend I spend my time catching up with the home, cleaning, laundry, and errands. I must say I love the shine in my house!

Did anyone watch the news or have anything to share? I tried not to indulge in the news. I wanted to take a break and step back for a bit. My focus was on the immediate with my family.

I reached out to some friends and chatted for a bit about the world, although I promised myself I would not indulge or dwell over our situation.Here is my take on the following: sending our kids to school. I feel our children should be protected at all costs even if it means virtual school for a bit, but, here is where it gets tricky, for parents that need to go to work, the kids cannot stay unattended in the home. It is a Catch 22!

To wear a mask versus not to wear a mask? Everyone will have to live with what they choose to do, but as for me? Yes, I wear a mask for my safety as well as for others.

Food for thought: I wear a seat belt to abide by the traffic rules for my safety, and we don’t go against it. We require a driver’s license to allow us to use a car, drive safely, and abide by the traffics laws. Children require the use of a car seat to keep them safe from harm, but you don’t see people protesting against it?

I am saying all of this to say it is for our safety from this horrific pandemic!

Until this pandemic is over, I urge you all to wear a mask if for no other reason but to keep yourselves and loved ones safe. Wear it!

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Human Crazy

“Being human is a given. But keeping our humanity is a choice. “


I find myself reflecting on our current world situation with the Coronavirus. So much going on, I cannot make heads or tails, or possibly make sense of it all. Human crazy! Am I alone on this? Do any of you read this feel the same? I decided to flush all on this page. Let me know if I come across too anxious or again, Human Crazy!

Mr. President

Please help me to understand the method to your madness. Thus far, I see more of madness than a solution. I never thought I’d say this, but I don’t feel safe where I live. Your leadership leaves many questions unanswered. You continue to ignore all of the warning signs, and you are leading the people towards disaster, more deaths, more mayhem, and more confusion. Listen to the experts in the medical field like Dr. Fauci, who is a leading expert in the area of disease control. Listen! Please, Listen!

Mask Rebellion

I implore my fellow humans to see that COVID 19 continues to kill those close to us. For those of you who still feel that this is a hoax, look around. It is real! I am living proof I have seen what this thing can do. Please don’t take it for granted. Wear a mask, and it will save lives!

I recently lost my friend, and my brother tested positive as well as a few close friends, so yes, it is genuine. Many of you are protesting, saying that it is your right to refuse, your God-given right? I am here to say I choose life, and I want to live, that is my God-given right! Do your research! When did this human pandemic become political? It should have never happened; perhaps the outcome would be different.

COVID Rising

If you watch the news, you will see that the number of positive cases is rising, the number of hospitalizations is rising, and the hospitals are running out of space. Even the morgues are filled, and some states have begun to bring in freezer trucks for the dead, but yet I hear plans for opening the schools. Why? Now, our children are in jeopardy and danger? They are as much at risk as adults. Think about it, let us say the child attends the school, he or she may have an elderly in their home, so that being said, this child ultimately will bring in the virus and spread it to his or her family. Think about the bigger picture!

I say all of this in hopes that it will touch someone, make them see that the pandemic is much larger than anticipated, and we are in this together for better or for worse.

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COVID On My Mind

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

~Warren Buffet

In the light of COVID, surrounded by despair and crisis, that is all I can think about is death. What is it going to take for those doubting this pandemic to see the light? 2020 will forever go down in history as the pandemic that challenged all of us to be better, and for those non-believers. We must pray!

It is surreal seeing people in the media being defiant, and downright belligerent. It is sad! Don’t they realize if not for themselves, but for a loved one. It is crucial not to drag this virus into their home and infect someone they love, maybe this is what they need to make the picture come into focus.

I recently lost a close friend to COVID, and my brother tested positive, and thank God he is among those that survived. I also was exposed I got tested and by the grace of God I was negative. My mother who is 89 years of age lives with me, so it is crucial that I stay safe for her sake.

The numbers continue to climb, and they have named the state of Florida an epicenter. I don’t know how this will play out all I know I will continue to do my due diligence to practice safety by wearing my mask and practice social distancing.

Be Safe!

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Happy 4th of July Stay Safe

Happy 4th of July, stay safe! I ponder upon the year thus far and how it has changed all of us. This pandemic is running rampant throughout the US, and protests are still going, but I won’t be talking about these events.

On this holiday as we celebrate sharing with family and friends, barbequing on the grill.

I imagine a simple greeting at the door, a choice of elbow bumps, and fist bumps to everyone’s satisfaction. A little social distancing, as we sit on every other chair and putting on our mask in case we sneeze or cough.

The aroma of delicious foods cooking on the grill permeating the air as we take it all in waiting to eat, yum! The cuisine selection is exquisite, the company is great as we share our stories.

The experience was memorable and fun. Wishing you all a Happy 4th of July, and stay safe.

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Humanity is Dying

“It’s possible to remain long in the state of deprivation if you are not aware you can escape it. Knowing what exists and who you are is enough to inform you to make ideal choices.”

― Israelmore Ayivor

Humanity is dying! Everywhere you look, people are sick, while those around them are in denial. How did we get here? I am human, as well as you are human, so why are we in a constant battle with each other, when this invisible enemy is killing us off one by one?  It does not discriminate, and it does not care where you come from or how much money you have or how old you are. It just takes life!

It is a continuous struggle to adapt to the new norm. I social distance, I wash my hands a bazillion times a day and wipe down everything I touch to avoid contamination from this invisible terrorist.

It is like you are part of some outrageous Sci-Fi movie where the heroine warns others to beware, and they defy the odds thinking they will not be affected and infected! Wake up my fellow humans, because this is not over.

My eyes are wide open. I recently lost a close friend and know of others that lost family members to this horrid virus. Why not heed the warnings and do what you need to do to live? Choose to live!

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Is it a Rebellion?

Today was a grocery shopping day. We went to Sam’s Club, upon arrival, the line was outside the door, those on the line had masks and practicing social distancing.

I noticed there were a few not wearing masks, walking around with pride in their faces? It appeared as though they were defying the odds like a dare. A thought came to mind to ask the following, is it a rebellion?

What is it going to take for this alleged rebellion to end? And see the light of realization and truth!

Don’t you all realize that is not about you against me, it is about us against it! It is a matter of choosing whether you want to survive this pandemic or take the low road towards shortening your life and die!

I am 61 years of age, I want to live! I want to see my family grow, and live to see a miraculous change to our society, and believe me we need that in the worst way.

It will take lots of work, but we need to commit to making it happen.