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Creative Clips: Girl at Work

creative clips

As a way of gaining my writing flow. My son suggested that I create snippets of scenarios from different situations in my life. I hope I can regain my creativity and begin to write again. I welcome your feedback. Let me know if I am on the right path.

Girl at Work

She sits during lunchtime, and cannot help but think how much her stomach is grumbling from the hunger pains. She is tending to a candidate scheduled for testing. She is abruptly interrupted by a fellow employee who failed to read, “proceed with caution,” sign placed on the door earlier to alert employees to enter cautiously. The phone rings, it is her fellow employee inquiring about her fish sticks that are cooking in the toaster oven in the office. So many thoughts flutter her mind, and she cannot wait until the day is over so she can go home to start her weekend.