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A Necessary Evil

“How we respond to something is just as important—if not more important—than our initial reaction.”
Michael Thomas Sunnarborg, The White Box Club Handbook: Simple Tools For Career Transition

In many organizations, there are times where you have a decrease in the overall budgets and decisions made by the powers that be which are a necessary evil specifically when it comes to reducing the workforce. I always compare employment to marriage, you have a honeymoon, an adjustment period, and unfortunately for some, there is a separation or a divorce. Your employment is much like a marriage; no one wants to leave, but for much involved it is necessary.

My heart goes out to those dismissed from employment.  Just know that for every door closed, one opens. The time is now to strategize, to reorganize and come up with a plan B. You may be asking yourselves, what now? You have bills, food is needed and a family that depends on you.

While you adjust to the reality of your situation, don’t dismay! Things to consider:

  1. File unemployment
  2. Give yourself time to let it sink in if you are able.
  3. Update your resume
  4. Stay informed
  5. Prepare yourself to begin job searching
If you received a severance packet, it would assist you while you are looking for new employment. Many resources will provide a benefit and will land you in the next chapter of your life. Best of Luck!


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Managers tend to treat organizations as if they are infinitely plastic.
They hire and fire, merge, downsize,
terminate programs,
add capacities.
But there are limits to the shifts that organizations can absorb.
– Kevin Kelly

There are multiple methods of termination, it is what you, the employer will follow that will determine the outcome. As an employer, you have the authority and a responsibility to conduct business promptly from onboarding to retirement.

Termination is psychologically painful and detrimental, but when the act is performed entirely in an unprofessional manner, then it is a problem! It is a task to be conducted with all involved to adhere to the same protocol starting from the very top, down to the very bottom of the employment chain. It sickens me when I witness an employee about to be terminated, and they are made to sit for an extended period in anticipation and not knowing what their outcome is to be. Tell me! Is that fair? By doing this, you are showing them that they are disposable, and didn’t matter regardless of the services they provided or the years invested in the organization!

I am an HR professional, and I can honestly say what happened was inexcusable with lots of sprinkles of unprofessionalism. I sat with this employee as she waited and waited. When it came time for the powers that be to meet with the individual? The task took well over a lengthy span of time.

Termination of an employee is not pleasant and is never a smooth process but following the proper procedure should be seamless to be carried out without a hitch, with no glitches, and staff must be ready at all cost!

Give the employee the dignity and the respect to exit employment once they leave their job life. Food for Thought!

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Be Grateful not Entitled

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You ever wondered how people has this sense of entitlement? No humility or gratitude for anything given I witnessed this first hand at my place of work; I was disheartened from what I saw. Employees not considering other employees, serving themselves multiple portions and not thinking about those that are scheduled to pick up their food at a later time. People making demands, not showing courtesy for their co-workers and some were even disrespectful to those that were helping with the luncheon. For that given moment I felt embarrassed and ashamed that I work in an environment such as this.

It was an appreciation luncheon for all the staff; they were told to come at their given lunch hour. A massive line formed at the first lunch break, it was as though the world was ending.  We knew that the workers standing on the line were not assigned that time frame. It took less than an hour for the food to be almost gone. We had no choice but to ration the trays that were left. It was shocking!

We later found out that the employees thought that the food would be gone, if not picked up early. In the past, we had time frames for lunch pick up and not had a problem. This time around the food delivered was from a well-known restaurant, and apparently, the employees jumped at the chance to get most of the delicious food. No Bueno!

I am resting now and am reflecting on today; again I feel that we have forgotten what is like to be grateful, kind and appreciative for the blessings that are given. I was brought up to be thankful for all things and not to demand anything especially free food. Food for thought!

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7 Reasons Why Businesses Keep Secrets

The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.~ Aristotle Onassis

Often how we perceive things is not what it is when it comes to business secrets. As a regular worker, it may come across as a conspiracy when in actually it is strategic planning for the greater good of the organization.

There are seven reasons why businesses keep secrets:

  1. You don’t know whether the thing is going to work or whether it will ever exist. A plan is in action; it won’t work or be successful, so it is important to work through it and bring to fruition.
  2. Before being fully fleshed-out and explained about new information, it can lead to stress among the staff. During the restructuring of an organization or downsizing due to budget cuts. It is normal for staff to feel that they will be on the line, reassigned or if they are going to be laid off.
  3. Making a splash in the press: The last thing an organization needs is the media getting a hold of what is in the planning.
  4. Scheduling/ Launch Strategy: Plan, schedule when a change is going to take effect. We want to space stuff out so that there is plenty of time to begin new things, but also enjoy the things that have been around and successful and pleasant for a long time. It is also really nice to be able to launch something while people can participate in it.
  5. Competitive Advantage: It is always nice to be the first to showcase something new that has not been done by anyone else. As a company grows, it is better to reveal in its own time.
  6. Someone is making us: Investment is important and is one of the reasons for keeping that thing a secret like the above-stated comment.
  7. Remaining cool: Being true to your organization is important and crucial. Avoid being discredited; it can make or break an organization.

Organizations have their methods of doing things; it is how you execute the change that will make all the difference and lead to success. Food for thought.


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Life is a Gift

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. ~Abraham Lincoln

Life is a gift, an incredible gift not to be squandered, but merely cherished at every chapter experienced throughout a lifetime. I woke up longing for my life’s purpose. I  continue to search, and I search through taking pictures and my writing but I yet to find it. It is like a piece of my life’s puzzle is missing and I am searching for that missing piece to bring it to completion. In my soul, I see it I was meant to be doing something more, and there is an empty void inside my professional heart.

On a personal note: I am married to a good man I have an amazing family, and yet I question my professional side. It is as though I am not complete! I ask myself, “did I make a difference in someone’s life today?” Or, ” Was I able to make an impact for the greater good?”My answer is usually, “no!”

My decision? I plan to search for that one job that will fulfill my professional life. I sent three resumes thus far and will continue on my quest. The skies are the limit until I find the right fit for me! The area of my search will be broad I worked different roles. I will explore my options from this day forward…stay tuned!

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My Creativity

Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.
– Ayn Rand

I think back to when my words flowed, my creative streak was in full gear. My words came through like musical notes on a  page to form a beautiful melody. I am in a struggle attempting to create a work of art to keep you awe-struck!  Let me know, how I do at the end of this piece.

I don’t know about you, but I find myself questioning my creativity. Where has it gone? I looked forward to writing; I could not get enough of it!

I think I stopped writing when I started working. I spent two years on the unemployed island. It was what I did-It consumed me! The feeling of my fingers as I typed on the keys, the ideas flowing and seeing the finished product created by me. It was nothing like it.

It was what I did to avoid thinking about being jobless. The many job searches and resumes that were sent out. I can not begin to count how many and eventually,  I stopped counting. My escape was the writing which kept me from pulling my hair out!

I want it back, that feeling of oneness with ideas and the flow of words.

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My Horrific Job Experience

It is a funny thing to reflect back on the past. You find yourself wanting the outcome to be different and walk away on a positive note. It replayed my mind on and off for two years, my horrific job experience!


My experience being a state employee was entirely different from working for a non-profit. In my beginnings with the state,  I was assigned a trainer, and I  was required to commit for one year. My duties were to go out into the community to learn the process of assessing elderly individuals seeking services.

Conflict: Every time while on a scheduled visit,  the trainer would interrupt me while I conduct the assessment with the consumer.  It ‘s hard to keep focus when that happens. I was instructed to read the question exactly as it appeared on the assessment. No paraphrasing!  Bear in mind, as an assessor; you conduct the evaluation with the individual and most often a caregiver or family members.

By the time it was over, I would be so upset and frustrated I could not think straight!

How can anybody learn this way?


I was diagnosed ADHD two years prior. I kept it a secret due to fear of losing my new job, I should know better coming from a mental health background.The laws protect individuals like myself with disabilities. Elder Affairs method of training would be better with proper accommodations. An example: allowing me to finish the whole assessment process from start to finish and then meeting with me about my performance upon completion.I brought the issue to the attention of my then supervisor, she disagreed. She continues by stating that it is better to catch the errors as they occur.

Reflecting back?  I should have resigned the first month, but I was determined to make it work and besides my husband wanted me to quit based on the incidents. I was stubborn!

I was jobless six months prior, hence the reason for my stubbornness. I referred to my joblessness as ” unemployed island.”

Eventually, I came forth about my ADHD. The state’s method of training was severe. Incident #1: During a meeting, I was told not to chime in. My supervisor mentioned my diagnosis, to say that it is the reason that I jump in to give input. Incident #2: I was asked to attend a meeting. My supervisor went as far as to tell me not be an embarrassment. The next day after that conversation, my supervisor selected another employee to attend the meeting. It was humiliating!. There were many instances, where I’d be called to meet with my assigned trainer. It felt more like an attack on my person rather about supposed errors found.  It was her word against mine.

Why I Resigned

Fast forward to why I resigned. The day before I was scheduled to go on the field with my trainer. I prepared the appointments, mapped out the locations, files and to make sure that I had plenty of forms. I was Paranoid!  I wanted to prove to them that I was a viable employee.

I received two files. I contacted the family members, except I left a message for one of them. I did not follow up, a bad mistake!

On field day:  I was very nervous about going out. We were getting ready to leave. I was told to drive my vehicle. I was not familiar with my way around the Orange County, and I did not own a GPS.

Upon entering my vehicle with the trainer. I had the mapquest directions at hand to follow. The teacher immediately commented, “Did you review the instructions before leaving?” I looked at her, as though she had two heads. I responded, ” no.” She continued by stating, ” you should not read the directions while driving because you can get us into an accident! ” I responded by saying, ” I don’t intend to read while driving I will refer to them while waiting at the traffic lights. ”  Her approach disturbed me a great deal!

First stop: A son is caring for his mother. She was discharged from the nursing home and was bed bound with Alzheimer. Conducted the assessment with consumers son, her caregiver. I began the process, during the evaluation, one of the forms I used was the wrong one. I inform my trainer who added fuel to the fire. We had to return to the office, but we continued to our next appointment at the nursing facility. The teacher was silent throughout the entire ride, and I knew she was angry with me. I apologized to her, which ignited a lecture. I tried to explain, but no matter what I said, it fell on deaf ears.

Second stop: We were to meet the client’s son at the nursing home facility. I previously left a  message, again I assumed! I never got a call back from the consumer’s son. The staff at the facility informed us that he was at work.The client had Dementia, and we were not able to conduct the interview without a family member present. More fuel to the fire I was about to be burned at the stake!

My Exodus

It was January 7, 2011, my tenth month. That morning I knew that things were brewing. I should have taken the bull by the horns and demanded a meeting with my boss and trainer, but I did not. I allowed myself to become a sitting duck!

My co-worker across the way was concerned for me. A big boom was coming, and I was to be the target! The trainer tells me that I failed to schedule a third appointment. I told her that she gave me only two files, not three! It made me very suspicious. She proceeded to ask me to check my files to see if the file in question was in there. There were two tops draws of data. The left file drawer was of my current clients in alphabetic order, and the right side were the customers who were to staff for services, bundled and staff for services.

Upon opening the right drawer, I was shocked! The drawer files were in alphabetic order. I went into a state of panic. I thought to myself. Am I being set up?

I began to doubt myself, was I so paranoid that I had a memory lapse?  I DON’T THINK SO!!!

My co-worker advised me not to resign and think things over. We prayed, and I was crying, uncontrollably. It was a Friday, and all I could see is that I was being set up. I could not prove it!  Do I refuse to believe that I was so confused to have made such a mistake? Forgetting an entire file?

The boss was out of the building but was on speaker phone when I was called into the trainer’s office to meet. I knew that my supervisor was informed about the field experience from the day before.  I was questioned about the third file and leaving a client waiting.  I stated I was not assigned a third file and did not leave a customer waiting. My supervisor did not want to hear what I had to say; the trainer had filled her ear on her version of the story, and I did not get an opportunity to defend myself.

Unfortunately, I resigned effective immediately with no notice. It Caused a lot of distress and until this day I can not prove whether leaving as I did hinder my future job opportunities. As I said, I was on the unemployed island for two years and in that time frame I had three interviews and attended one workshop.

Life Lesson

I learned from the experience not to take things for granted, to always be proactive, not letting on the job situations build up and fester until there is no recourse for a solution. As for my diagnosis, I wear it proudly!