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Holidays 2020

Our year 2020 is full of so many challenges, with the Coronavirus pandemic at the helm of it all. I find myself worrying more, preoccupied more, and for the most part, missing my family members wanting more time and wanting to create memories to cherish. 

The weekend was full of holiday decor activities and the holiday music in full swing. It made me feel joyful. My heart was full but still lacking, missing, and longing for those times of yesteryear without a care in the world. That has all changed!

Reality Check! Before leaving the house, we must take precautions, mask up, and have our sanitizer handy and gloves. Personally, I don’t wear gloves, but I have my sanitizer with me wherever I go. Wow! How things have changed. 

Christmas is around the corner. I plan a tiny gathering with my immediate family. It has become our new normal, it is the way it is, and God knows for how long. I don’t mean to sound defeated, but I am just trying to keep it real. That is all! 

My hope for 2021? This pandemic will all go away, that is my idealistic way of thinking, but realistically I don’t see the silver lining at the end of the clouds. 

My wish for all is our future with no pandemic, healthier, and full of many possibilities geared for the better in 2021. God bless!


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An Aging Actor

” At first, dreams seem impossible, improbable, and eventually inevitable.”
~Christopher Reeves

Did you ever watch actors that are up in years and say to yourself, ” an aging actor oh so furious.”  Should I say fierce! Well I have on many occasions.

I especially admire actors that began later in life. An example: Regis Philbin who began at age 50, or Morgan Freeman I believe he was about the same age when he was in the spotlight of fame.

Another was Kathryn Joosten. She went on to win two Emmy’s for her role as the elderly neighbor on Desperate Housewives and Colonel Sanders was age 65, when he launched Kentucky Fried Chicken.

It goes to show that it isn’t  too late to follow your dream. All you have to do is truly believe!