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Stories of My Father


My father

Every family has a story and for every story, there would be a member that will tell it. Growing up, that person was my dad. We’d gather together, and all eyes would be on him as he told the story. The main character in his stories was his father. During a holiday or a family gathering, it would not matter. It was among the favorite things that I’d look forward to as a kid.

My grandparents

I never met my grandfather; he died before I was born.  My curiosity has always been a huge one. My grandfather was a commercial business owner/ distributor in Ponce, Puerto Rico and my grandmother taught second-grade elementary school.

When they married, my grandmother stopped teaching to raise a family. They had two daughters and three boys. My aunts, uncles and my father. My dad was the youngest child.

My grandfather died at the of age fifty-seven.

My father told many family stories. I cherished every story, and  I hope you will too. Be on the look out for future entries.

My grandfather