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My Health Insurance Blues

Why can’t having insurance be stress-free? You see it every day with different people trying to have proper coverage for themselves or their families. 

Looking for a doctor who will accept or be in your insurance network can be challenging and frustrating. I have been searching for a specialist for a week, and every doctor’s office I have called doesn’t take my insurance. 

I have EmblemHealth, formerly known as GHI(General Health Insurance). We had this insurance for years, but we also had primary insurance Florida Blue which we no longer have. I don’t want to go out of network, which would cost, to say the least. 

I have called the EmblemHealth line to find a doctor; based on my location, they gave me three doctors. Can you believe the doctors given are no longer in the network with Emblemhealth? And the website is not much better. 

The last resort I am calling doctors, as I mentioned before, to inquire with no luck. I invite you all to leave a comment or suggestion. 

Thank you!


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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was safe and productive, surrounded by those you love. Let me hear the tea as they say. So, this weekend I spend my time catching up with the home, cleaning, laundry, and errands. I must say I love the shine in my house!

Did anyone watch the news or have anything to share? I tried not to indulge in the news. I wanted to take a break and step back for a bit. My focus was on the immediate with my family.

I reached out to some friends and chatted for a bit about the world, although I promised myself I would not indulge or dwell over our situation.Here is my take on the following: sending our kids to school. I feel our children should be protected at all costs even if it means virtual school for a bit, but, here is where it gets tricky, for parents that need to go to work, the kids cannot stay unattended in the home. It is a Catch 22!

To wear a mask versus not to wear a mask? Everyone will have to live with what they choose to do, but as for me? Yes, I wear a mask for my safety as well as for others.

Food for thought: I wear a seat belt to abide by the traffic rules for my safety, and we don’t go against it. We require a driver’s license to allow us to use a car, drive safely, and abide by the traffics laws. Children require the use of a car seat to keep them safe from harm, but you don’t see people protesting against it?

I am saying all of this to say it is for our safety from this horrific pandemic!

Until this pandemic is over, I urge you all to wear a mask if for no other reason but to keep yourselves and loved ones safe. Wear it!

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COVID On My Mind

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

~Warren Buffet

In the light of COVID, surrounded by despair and crisis, that is all I can think about is death. What is it going to take for those doubting this pandemic to see the light? 2020 will forever go down in history as the pandemic that challenged all of us to be better, and for those non-believers. We must pray!

It is surreal seeing people in the media being defiant, and downright belligerent. It is sad! Don’t they realize if not for themselves, but for a loved one. It is crucial not to drag this virus into their home and infect someone they love, maybe this is what they need to make the picture come into focus.

I recently lost a close friend to COVID, and my brother tested positive, and thank God he is among those that survived. I also was exposed I got tested and by the grace of God I was negative. My mother who is 89 years of age lives with me, so it is crucial that I stay safe for her sake.

The numbers continue to climb, and they have named the state of Florida an epicenter. I don’t know how this will play out all I know I will continue to do my due diligence to practice safety by wearing my mask and practice social distancing.

Be Safe!


Choose to be Happy!

I want to begin by saying, “Choose to be Happy!” There is so much going on in our world, and as recently with the COVID-19 virus. I am speaking from my heart and soul, and our society does not look good in the way that it is going. I choose to focus on happiness, my well-being, my family, and friends. It will not happen overnight, and you must work at it like you would in training for the Olympics. That being said, the following are some of the ways I participate in creating my happy state of being.

Fun activity: Whether it is outdoors or indoors, from working in the garden to hosting a BBQ with family and friends, find an activity that will spark excitement for you or your family. Why not create an oasis of flowers or growing your ingredients directly from your backyard? The possibilities are endless.


Adult Coloring: I discovered this a couple of years back. It is impressive of the number of adult coloring books there are just waiting for you to explore, even adult coloring apps for your computer. I personally like coloring Mandalas, Exotic Animals, and Landscapes. It is whatever strikes your fancy.

Online Karaoke: If anyone would have told me that there was such a thing as online Karaoke. I would probably give them a weird look as though they are from Mars! It is real, and it does exist. I, for one, sing online, it is true! My favorite is Smule, check it out! Of course, there are others; SingSnap and YouTube, to name a few. I advise you to start exploring and find your singing voice and the best thing, it is for fun!


Crocheting: I learned to crochet when I was in junior high school in a home economics class. I acquired the basics at that time, but I did not pick it up again until years later. It was in 2016 I suffered a torn meniscus, the cushion between the knee and the joint, it popped, and the pain was excruciating, and I needed surgery. I was in the house after the procedure recovering, and I needed something to do. I remember watching the news when I saw a new movement, The Pussyhat Project, about woman’s rights. It was at that moment that I told my husband about it and I wanted to make the pink pooty hat. I could not find myself to say the word. Instead, I called it a “pooty hat.”

Reading books/ Audible books: When was the last time you read a book? Or listened to an audible book?  Or used your Kindle? If it has been a while, there are options to get you back to the swing of things. My best to date for me is listening to audible books if you are on the go and do not have time to sit and read. Why not listen to a book, it is very satisfying. There are many options available to research and find what is suitable for you.

There you have it, my happy activities and needless to say, I continue to explore. I hope you will too.

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To Mask or Not to Mask

To mask or not to mask, that is the question. I could not believe what I was witnessing this past Mother’s Day weekend. If I had to guess, I would say that over 50% of the people out in the street were not wearing masks. I only know this because my husband and I had to run to CVS Pharmacy and I have to say, they were very compliant with following the guidelines. Kudos to CVS! 

We are not over this Coronavirus pandemic, and for many who are thinking that it is over, it isn’t! I continue to comply with wearing my mask and social distancing. I am working from home, and my place of work is slowly transitioning until all employees are physically back at work. That is how we do it, strategically!

We are in Phase I reopening the economy, and we are going too fast. If we are not careful, we may be worse off in the long run.

I want to get your opinion right here on my page, leave a comment. How many of you are not wearing a mask? If you answered yes, tell me why?

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Life is a Roller Coaster Ride!

Life is a roller coaster ride! If anyone were to tell me that Ma would be in a nursing facility six months ago undergoing rehabilitation. I would not have believed them. She was living independently with mild Alzheimer’s, functional, and in a senior community.

Fast Forward to the Present

Ma has transferred from the hospital to the rehabilitation-nursing facility. The doctor, in her care, informed us that her Alzheimer’s has progressed. How is this possible? A close friend tried to enlighten me by saying, ” Ma is not bedridden, not in diapers and not being spoon-fed.” I refuse to accept that! I feel that she has spiraled towards the severe versus moderate since Hurricane Irma.

To top it off, she fell again, as she attempted to get off the bed in the rehabilitation facility. Staff found her on the floor in a sitting position, conscious in the early morning hours. Her bed is a hospital bed with an alarm due to not being able to remember to press the ‘Call for the Nurse’ button. She is in the facility undergoing physical and occupational therapy.

Reality check!

Ma cannot come home and will require more supervisory care. I continue to pray for strength. The one thing that I learned from all of this is to live life every day, as it was my last.  

Alzheimer’s Quote

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Recovery is a Bitch!

Recovering from surgery can be a bitch. It has been three months since I underwent arthroscopic knee surgery for a torn meniscus. Two weeks before my incident I had knee symptoms with pain and discomfort.  I could not figure out the source or the cause.

Incident: The day before Thanksgiving as I was leaving work, talking with my co-worker. I stepped down from the curb and all of a sudden I felt a popping from behind my right knee. The pain was so excruciating, my tears appeared, and the expression on my face was heartbreaking as described later by my coworker, Cindy. What comes to my mind was the horrific pain, OMG!!! She helped me to my car and all the while thinking how was I going to drive home?  I propped myself inside the car, my coworker, Cindy says to me, ” take your time before turning on the car.” She offered to stay with me but I told her I would be okay, but deep down inside I was terrified. I finally got the courage to start the car, every stop light I alternated with my left foot. I tried my best not to think about the pain. I got home safely, but my husband had to assist me out of the car.

Recovery: I stayed at home in recovery for two weeks after my surgery.  I could have used the allotted time given of my Family Medical Leave, but I decided to return to work. Some days are more challenging than others, but my focus is to be well.

Life Lesson: Embrace each day, no matter what the challenge…food for thought.