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People are Dying!

I can not wrap my head around this situation. People are dying, people are suffering, and yet we continue, and now the riots!

Mr. Floyd died as witnessed by many, as those who saw screamed to the officers responsible let him go as he pleaded, “I can’t breathe!”

More are dying, more are suffering, and what are we prepared to do, nothing?

Peaceful protests turn violent, and welcoming speeches go nowhere, no resolve!

Yet, we are still searching for answers, a resolution. Stop the hate, and stop the hurt! Let us strive for peace and harmony.

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Stop the Hate!

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Why do these senseless crimes against our black and brown brothers and sisters continue? How did we get here?

I witnessed a senseless murder unravel on the news; it was disturbing. The law enforcement officer responsible for taking Mr. Floyd’s life had no remorse or afterthought, as we watched it on the news and to see the other officers not step up to save this man. It was surreal!

In reality, all spectators watched an execution. So many screamed from the crowd to stop while this officer had his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck as he was pleading, “I can’t breathe!” It was horrific!

And due to this crime against a fellow human by law enforcement, it has sparked riots throughout the states, violence practically in every corner to no end, fires, looting, and vandalism.

I believe that protest should be in peace, not violence. The outcome of the act of violence is detrimental to our humanity. Yes, I emphasize the word humanity because we all belong to one race, the human race. We all bleed the same.

Please! I need to make sense of it all. Thank you!

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Wear your Mask!

It is incredible how people continue not to take precautions. People! Wearing a mask has nothing to do with your rights and freedoms. It is about saving lives, yours and mine!

We are supposedly in Phase I, and to see those out and about, you would not think so. Last weekend was Memorial Day. My husband and I ventured out but in a small way. We are not able to visit my mother-in-law at the nursing home, so we improvised and visited her from the outside looking in through a glass door that views the activity room of the facility. We saw her, and because she has Alzheimer’s, she continued to ask over and over why we can not go inside and sit with her. It was heartbreaking, but I was able to wear my big girl draws and made the best out of our brief visit.

We, also stopped at CVS to pick up items and a prescription. I was pleased to see that CVS is following the guidelines, customers were wearing masks, but as I was waiting for my husband to finish at check out, a young lady was waiting on line. She was annoyed to see us wearing masks except for her, she was not wearing one. Interesting!

Our last stop was to pick up take out, our favorite place in Kissimmee, Florida, China Bell, delicious food! They are adhering to the guidelines, allowing only four at a time, wear masks, and the front counter covered in plastic, and it was well thought out.

Listen, I made a conscious decision to adhere to social distancing and wearing my mask. First and foremost, I value my life as well as my fellow humans, and I will continue to do so. Help me to understand why? It is so foreign to me as to why some people are refusing.

I welcome you to leave a comment. Thank you!

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To Mask or Not to Mask

To mask or not to mask, that is the question. I could not believe what I was witnessing this past Mother’s Day weekend. If I had to guess, I would say that over 50% of the people out in the street were not wearing masks. I only know this because my husband and I had to run to CVS Pharmacy and I have to say, they were very compliant with following the guidelines. Kudos to CVS! 

We are not over this Coronavirus pandemic, and for many who are thinking that it is over, it isn’t! I continue to comply with wearing my mask and social distancing. I am working from home, and my place of work is slowly transitioning until all employees are physically back at work. That is how we do it, strategically!

We are in Phase I reopening the economy, and we are going too fast. If we are not careful, we may be worse off in the long run.

I want to get your opinion right here on my page, leave a comment. How many of you are not wearing a mask? If you answered yes, tell me why?

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Coronavirus: A Visit to Ma’s

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

~Dolly Parton

How many of you have a family member in a nursing home or an assisted living facility? It can be frustrating, and heart-wrenching. It is our new normal! I have not seen my mother-in-law since the beginning of this pandemic. She has Alzheimer’s and I am worried about this crisis furthering her condition. My fear is when this is over she will not know us.

Ma lives in memory care, her condition is at the beginning stages, she still knows us and she is well-loved by the staff and the residents. 

Fast forward to today. My husband and I decided to pay a visit and we are well aware that we can not visit due to the pandemic. I realize it is for the safety of the residents as well as ours, but I miss her deeply!

Upon arrival, at the entrance,  we saw a sign that read, “Heroes Work Here!,” it struck my heart and the reality of it all was extremely real! 

We drove toward the back of the parking lot by the outer glass door by the activity room and as we looked inside, there was Ma and she immediately spotted us. One of the nurse’s aides assisted her and the happiness on my mother-in-law’s face was well worth it.

We visited for 15 minutes but it is a memory that will stay with me for as long as I live!

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Coronavirus: Are We Entering a False Sense of Security?

” Being human is given. But keeping our humanity is a choice.”


Today is May 1, 2020, and some are preparing to reopen throughout the US, and if you are like me. You are probably asking, is it safe? I feel there is considerable uneasiness in my house. How about you? I have seen protests on the news of people wanting to be free to do whatever while sporting their weapons. Really? I am already seeing that folks are letting their guard down; some are not social distancing; others are not wearing a mask. It is disturbing!

People are so eager to go back to civilization, not realizing that more damage can occur. Look at the beaches in some of the states, they are open, and people are carrying on business as usual.  In my state of Florida, retail and restaurants are gearing up to open. 

It is scary, not knowing that we do not have enough tests.  Do you wonder how many individuals are walking around with no symptoms, asymptomatic? Those are the ones that should test, not just the individuals with symptoms.

Imagine being in a field full of mines, and the people are not maneuvering strategically through the minefields, and explosions are going off everywhere. That is how I see this pandemic, and you don’t want to run toward the virus. Do you? You would choose safety!

Many are not seeing or are not caring about their fellow man. Don’t forget. We are in this together! 

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Pulse Remembered


My heart rate diminishes,
As I remember lives lost
To senseless violence. 


That night of June 12, 2016,
49 of you were taken
By a mad shooter using an assault rifle.
He came calling,
And trespassed onto your haven.


Years later,
Souls are remembered.
Hearts carry on but
You were not forgotten.


We honor you today,
With Love, and
With Compassion. 


Let us take action and
Stop the violence.
Replace it with love over hate!

Pulse will forever be remembered.

We are all Connected

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My Holiday Letter 2016

The year 2016 brought forth many challenges, and the lessons learned were pretty difficult, but we came through it, a stronger and a more united family. I want to share a few highlights of our year.

Sad News20160521_074037

Our nephew, David died at age 34 in his sleep, a person with diabetes and was not on any medication. He was a kind soul, left behind three children and worked hard to get his life back on the right track just before he died. It is never easy losing someone so young.

The Pulse Tragedy


I watched the news in horror seeing victims carried out of the Pulse Night Club. An armed gunman entered the club opened fire with an assault weapon. My mind began to recall that our son JP frequented that club. Chills came over me thinking that JP was in that club, so I quickly started to text him, “ JP I need to hear from you as soon as you get my text.” Thank God, he responded, and that is when he told me about the death of his friends. He said that earlier that evening his friends spent time with him on a visit before going to the Pulse Night Club; they invited him along, but JP had a commitment with another friend going out for a birthday celebration. He later told me that he almost canceled with his friend to go with Drew and Juan. I was emotionally distraught thinking about all the lives lost in the name of hate and the realization of how close I came to losing my son. It was difficult for us and for many attending the funerals and the vigils; it was heart wrenching.


Baby News

fb_img_1480284147011I became a Grand Aunt of two beautiful baby boys; Asa Caden of my niece Kisha, dad Glen and Michael Frangel of my niece Amanda, dad Frangel Anthony born within days

of each other. Wishing you all many blessings in the years to come.


Growing Pains

Jayda, my beautiful granddaughter, turned 14. Where did the time go? It was just the other day I witnessed you being born. She is becoming quite a young lady, and we are so proud of her.


The Election

The Presidential Election cycle was down and dirty. John’s fellow opponents used every dirty, disgusting trick in the book to discredit and malign him to no avail. As his wife, I was determined to stand firm against the evil doers, and if they are reading this? Beware!  God does not like ugly! He won the election, sworn in and is to begin his second term as a Florida State House of Representative for District 43 in Osceola County!


Thanksgiving Eve Crisis

The day before Thanksgiving as I was about to cross the street I stepped down on the curb, OH MY GOD! Suddenly I hear a popping noise behind my right knee with tears welling up in my eyes as the pain was unbearable. My co-worker had to help me to my car; I thank God she was with me. I kept thinking, how am I going to drive home in this condition? By the grace of God, I was able to drive home by using my driving foot alternate with my non-driving foot. I was definitely in survival mode. My doctor informed me the injury might be a torn meniscus, an MRI scan completed and the results are pending. Wishing for a positive outcome.

Marriage News

Josh and Mary tie the knot. Wishing them many blessings as they embark on their marital journey. Always remember to love, laugh and talk it through no matter how difficult the situation.


Life Lessons

My takeaways of the season are not to take those around you for granted, honor family, stay connected and show love, compassion, and caring whenever possible.

From our family to yours Happy Holidays!


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While some misuse their freedom to perpetrate evil, millions respond by feeling compelled to use their freedom to do good.~Adam Hamilton

Human behavior is complex, intricate and dimensional and most of all crazy! Last night at my meeting with the Democrats was just that, CRAZY, with a smidge of TELENOVELA, and an array of colorful sprinkles of DRAMA. As the meeting began you got this sense that something was about to occur, you knew it because the air was thick not by the behavior of the members but by the atmosphere.

We got through the Pledge of Allegiance during the meeting; the chairperson began to speak, and you could tell that she had plenty to say. After conducting the business at hand, she began stressing the importance of being a real Democrat, and how changing parties, you are denouncing the party!

Picture this: We were sitting in the front row center,  my husband sat on my left, I sat in the middle and my good friend on my right. They both became very uneasy as this individual decides to make an appearance in the midst of what the chairperson was saying. She was there on a mission to disrupt and create havoc to no avail; as soon as she began to raise her voice to disturb, security was called promptly ready to escort her out. She contained herself for a bit, but it did not last long although she tried two more times to disrupt. She did not belong to our political party, not a member and she identified herself as a no party affiliation.

I am proud to say that the chairperson stood her ground, delivered the message loud and clear. We, as Democrats bound together for the greater good.

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Be Grateful not Entitled

Image result for sense of gratitude quotes

You ever wondered how people has this sense of entitlement? No humility or gratitude for anything given I witnessed this first hand at my place of work; I was disheartened from what I saw. Employees not considering other employees, serving themselves multiple portions and not thinking about those that are scheduled to pick up their food at a later time. People making demands, not showing courtesy for their co-workers and some were even disrespectful to those that were helping with the luncheon. For that given moment I felt embarrassed and ashamed that I work in an environment such as this.

It was an appreciation luncheon for all the staff; they were told to come at their given lunch hour. A massive line formed at the first lunch break, it was as though the world was ending.  We knew that the workers standing on the line were not assigned that time frame. It took less than an hour for the food to be almost gone. We had no choice but to ration the trays that were left. It was shocking!

We later found out that the employees thought that the food would be gone, if not picked up early. In the past, we had time frames for lunch pick up and not had a problem. This time around the food delivered was from a well-known restaurant, and apparently, the employees jumped at the chance to get most of the delicious food. No Bueno!

I am resting now and am reflecting on today; again I feel that we have forgotten what is like to be grateful, kind and appreciative for the blessings that are given. I was brought up to be thankful for all things and not to demand anything especially free food. Food for thought!