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I Need my Space!

How do you tell someone who you love that you need your space? I love my mother very much, but how did I miss this specific detail? The smothering! I love the company to a point but farther than that, “Hell to the NO!”
I do not mean any disrespect but whoa! It has been a difficult two weeks thus far. My husband’s father is in the hospital another story for another day.

I must come up with some plan if I am going to survive her living with us. Lord knows I have been praying. It is like she does not know how to spend time by herself. I look forward to my day; even my husband has an understanding of this.

I have not gotten any serious writing done since she has moved in and it weighs me down. I need to write!

When company comes over, it is all well and good, but once they go home, they go back!  Since she has been living with us, it has been very challenging.

I feel guilty even writing about it, but this is my venting time. Alleluia! She finally went to her room.

I have my alone time.

Trying to see the light of things!