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My heart is full 
if not for the planning.
It would not be a good landing.

Is  festive,
majestic, and 
will convince the skeptic.  

Where the family will cheer, and 
will make memories to last all year.




Equal Humans

In watching the documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she was badass! She fought for us. If it were not for her, where would we be? I wanted to honor her with an original poem.

Equal Humans

We, as women, began in an
uneven playing field to men,
Ruth was our warrior,
challenger for our rights.
Equal Humans

Her soft-spoken voice, not a physical fighter but
equipped readily with her skilled weapons of knowledge.
She fought and won many battles!
Equal Humans

Don't let her small stature fool you. She was a powerhouse of strength. She was our superhero!
Ruth laid the grown work for us to emerge from
the shadows of the past.
Equal Humans

Ruth Bader Ginsburg forever remembered with
respect and admiration. You led the way and laid the foundation for us.
God Bless and Rest in Heaven!



Is when a door opens amid dismay.
Is when light shines through the darkness,
full of opportunities to start a new one.
Is when tragedy strikes, there is unity
and love to cope.
Is when you are not alone in the battle
and struggles of everyday life.
Is happiness coming around the bend
of despair.
Is never losing sight it exists, it
happens when least expected.




Respect! It is earned, not assumed. It is 
mutual, and not squandered.

Respect! From the heart, not below the heel.
Relationships are nourished and cared for
from the deepest part of the soul.

Respect! It is an investment and it is ongoing.
It is to treasure along with the bond of love.

Respect! It is an investment you value so
not to lose out and separate.

Respect! It is mutual,
don't devalue it.

Respect! If not careful, you will spend it

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Self, where are you?
I have been searching for you,
for so long.

I met you when I was young.
Now I don't feel you I don't recognize

Self, help me to find you.
I long to see you again, to explore,
your capabilities again.

Somehow life got in the way of fulfilling
the self as it should be.
Someday, you will be with me again.


Hey World

It has been a while,

since I have gone exploring.

My desire is ongoing and never-ending.

Hey World

When I look upon you,

the view is wondrous,

full of adventure, and

never boring.

It is spectacular!

Hey World

At times the view is heartbreaking,

full of crisis,

and full of despair. And yet I cling to hope.

Hey World

The day you cease I will be no more.

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Darkness is upon me

Darkness is upon me. My freedom was taken.

I am trapped in this cargo with nowhere to go. I hear cries! I hear cries!

It is dark, light barely shining through the hull of this ship, I am enslaved.

There are others alongside me in chains. My family does not know I am captive,

taken to an unknown land, and never found.

Where is the light in despair? I want my family! They will never know what happened to me.

The injustice, the crimes, and the carnage! I will fight for freedom until my death.

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Random Girl!

Random Girl! It was love at first sight! You were six months old when I met you. A rescue kitty with a full multicolored coat full of patches of white, tan, beige, and black. Your little face with a permanent mask half black. Your amazing green gem colored eyes were piercing. 

Random Girl! Fast forward to the present. It is hard to believe you are already eight. A temperamental four-legged being with a mind of her own! Always good at letting me know that your litter is full, leaving me presents. You give cuddly love only on your terms.

Random Girl! When I am sick, you are there. If there is someone at the door, you forget you are a cat. Heck! You even play with a ball like a dog.

Random Girl! With all that you give I won’t trade you for no other. My love for you is unconditional to the end.