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When They Practice Deceiving

Secrets and lies, 
When they practice deceiving.
No telling, how it will play out
Or where it will take us,
When they practice deceiving.

Secret meetings,
Secrets shared,
No telling what it is, 
When they practice deceiving.

No one knows who is the target,
No one knows what is the change,
All I know is that they are practicing to deceive.

Pull the wool,
Over our eyes.
Surprise! We see it unravel!

The change and the movement,
When they practice deceiving.
Eventually, the truth will surface
and practices revealed.


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Come Feel Me, My Love​

Come feel me, my love,
bring me to a quiver!
Allow our souls to collide, let us dance in symbiosis.

Ah! Come feel me, my love,
the longing is unbearable to no end.
Your touch is an appetite that is continuous
within my heart, my soul, my mind.

Did you know?
Throughout our lives, we have shared many things,
the sad, the happy, and the tragic. 

Yet, here we are to this day,
we are as passionate,
as strong, and as in love.
A love that continues to withstand the hand of time.

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Your Success is Straight Ahead

Where am I going?

I look here, look there and everywhere.

I see the road ahead and I still do not know where I am supposed to go.

Many say, map it out!

Some say, plan it out!

Others say, know your destination!

Like the sound of a train making that choo-choo sound.

The smells of that smokey steam engine that permeate the air.

It passes by and I still have no clue!

There are days where things get out of hand.

And there are days where the focus is relentless.

Like taking a bite out of a favorite dessert, Yum!

But no matter where the destination?

Just know that your success is straight ahead.

Keep going, keep going and do not stop!


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Spider, Spider!

Image result for Quotes about deception in politics

Spider, Spider

I see you in your web

plotting, conniving to deceive

Spider, Spider

Do you sleep?

Dreaming about the damage effete

Spider, Spider

Your deviant practice will bring demise

And you will be on the web

Spider, Spider

All bad things come to an end

And you will be no more







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Yes! We Are All The Same

Yes! We are all the same

The human race,  we belong!

We bleed bright red through our veins

Flesh and bone, organs with a beating  heart

Yes! We are all the same

Our beating heart continues to palpitate

Each and every day

No one can take that away

Love is the key to our salvation

Yes! We are all the same

One creator, one and only creator!

Without Him, we are nothing but dust

In a desert of despair

Look inside, not the outside in

Think long and hard

Yes! We are the same