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While some misuse their freedom to perpetrate evil, millions respond by feeling compelled to use their freedom to do good.~Adam Hamilton

Human behavior is complex, intricate and dimensional and most of all crazy! Last night at my meeting with the Democrats was just that, CRAZY, with a smidge of TELENOVELA, and an array of colorful sprinkles of DRAMA. As the meeting began you got this sense that something was about to occur, you knew it because the air was thick not by the behavior of the members but by the atmosphere.

We got through the Pledge of Allegiance during the meeting; the chairperson began to speak, and you could tell that she had plenty to say. After conducting the business at hand, she began stressing the importance of being a real Democrat, and how changing parties, you are denouncing the party!

Picture this: We were sitting in the front row center,  my husband sat on my left, I sat in the middle and my good friend on my right. They both became very uneasy as this individual decides to make an appearance in the midst of what the chairperson was saying. She was there on a mission to disrupt and create havoc to no avail; as soon as she began to raise her voice to disturb, security was called promptly ready to escort her out. She contained herself for a bit, but it did not last long although she tried two more times to disrupt. She did not belong to our political party, not a member and she identified herself as a no party affiliation.

I am proud to say that the chairperson stood her ground, delivered the message loud and clear. We, as Democrats bound together for the greater good.

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Dear Voter: Beware of the Big Bad Wolf!

“The wolf is carnivore incarnate and he’s as cunning as he is ferocious; once he’s had a taste of flesh then nothing else will do.”
Angela Carter

I am reaching out to you this morning to call out! Try and cipher through the negativity dealt with candidates that are undeserving of these attacks, “beware of the big bad wolf!” Beginning with the presidential election,  Hillary vs. Trump campaign. From the beginning, ads kept coming about Hillary’s emails and Trumps tax returns and taking it to the extreme blaming Hillary for her husband’s indiscretion? Whether you are cheering for Trump or Hillary, I say look beyond the crap flung!

As a resident of Osceola County, I see the negativity in full swing with many of the local, state candidates. It is deplorable, disgusting the methods used in attempts to take down an opponent, and individual opposing candidates hiding behind political action committees. It seems like everything is up for grabs, the more sensational, the more votes gained! Those doing the negative ads may think so, but I believe good prevails over evil! It is no surprise that the focus by those aspiring, opposing candidates is to get the unattainable brass ring for those positions of power. Is it worth destroying your opponent’s reputation and family to get it? Personal attacks are not to come into the picture no matter what!

Advice to the opposing candidates running for office and have resorted to negativity? It is a sign of insecurity, desperation and not showcasing a platform worth considering. If you have a stable, secure platform, there is no need for flinging negativity towards your opponent because your platform will speak for itself in the end.

Food for thought!

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To My friends and Family of Facebook


There is a negative ad about my husband, and it is circulating Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is disheartening when your 13-year-old granddaughter contacts you to question why a bad picture of her grandfather is on her Instagram newsfeed.  She told her mom that she felt uncomfortable and confused!  She is a kid, and it is about her grandfather who she loves very much!

The ad brings up a dark time in our family life. John Cortes’s mugshot is on display in a video slide show making claims of having a history of violence, hitting me and punching our daughter. My husband has never laid his hands on me, and he paid for what happened to our daughter. We, as a family has healed, and we are much stronger for it.

John Cortes for those who do not know him? He is a good man, hardworking and there is nothing that he will not do for you. As your legislator, he has lived up to his commitment to being, “local, vocal and approachable!” He is an  Osceola County resident, and he will continue regardless of countless attempts by his opponents to discredit, malign him as an individual, candidate, and public official.  

John Cortes is running for re-election in the Florida House of Representatives, District 43. He has run a clean campaign, but, unfortunately, his opponents chose the latter.

I am disgusted, appalled that the candidates would go as low as dirt to gain votes and hide behind a PAC, which is cowardice! They took a dark season from our life and embellished it, spun it for their political gain, which its horrible and inexcusable!

Thank you,

Caridad Cortes



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Dear Voter: Avoid the Negative!


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There is a dark cloud swaying over us, and it is full of negative crap! Everywhere I go, there is this continuum of negativity in most of the campaigns. What has happened to us?  This great need to insult, name call and make accusations coming from both sides of the aisle. It has gotten to the point where I have stopped listening, reading media, and frankly, I am fed up with those that are drawn to read about it with an uncontrollable need to chime in. Where do you draw the line until you decide to stop? There is this vacuum, and we are drawn to it like a magnet to metal.

This morning I came across a candidate’s letter on Facebook addressed to his opponent stressing to keep his family out of the negative comments. You know what? He is right! Why should all involved be made a target of negative political ads and campaigns? The family of candidates should not be used in negative mudslinging from the opposition. I commend the candidate for voicing concerns about his political race. There was another instance with another candidate where a mail-out was sent. It showed the platform and off to the side was a stated negativity about the candidates opponent. Why? Not necessary!

For those candidates that believe going negative will pay off? I don’t think so! Food for thought.

Yours Truly,

A Fellow Voter


Dear Voter


A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.~Theodore Roosevelt

I am writing to appeal to your good sense and to urge you to be aware of what is going on within this election cycle, ranging from the presidential all the way to the local. Whether you choose Trump or Hillary, you must cut through all of the rhetoric, negative press and measure wisely! The local candidates have their fair share of bad press, as well. It is unbelievable to see candidates signs stepped on, and signs bent on the ground. Absolutely, childish!

What I do not like is when candidates from the same party back bite each other to no end thinking that it will earn them votes. It is a complete turn-off! We are constituents to future candidates and responsible voters, first and foremost.

Candidates! I do not buy into the smokescreen of negative talk and accusations.

My fellow voters follow the same rule! What is most impressive is listening to a candidate that will state what they plan to do once they are elected;

  1. Must have a stable platform- a definite game changer.
  2. A solid footing on the issues is what makes sense!

I am not a predictor of how the primaries or general elections will turn out, but I certainly want to see the right candidates elected into the right seat. 

Yours Truly,

A Fellow Voter

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Beware: No Factual Backing!


Seek truth from facts~ Deng Xiaoping

There has been a lot of mud-slinging and little platform to work. You see many commercials and endorsements.  I thought it was always a given that you do not endorse candidates until after a primary election. I guess I am old school.

I came across an article today where it made allegations against the Osceola Continuum Coalition. They are new, innovative, and many find it hard to understand, and heavens forbid,  it requires people to think outside the box. The article in question references marketing materials and “illegal electioneering” efforts allegedly done by the Continuum Coalition. It goes as far as to mention the candidates/ elected officials. It displays a recording done by a volunteer letting voters know that candidates will be going door to door in their neighborhoods. Multiple allegations with no factual backing and it disgust me to see writers throw words on a page to see where the letters will fall and on whom.

The Truth:

  1. The Continuum Coalition is a voluntary group.
  2. Each campaign expenditure, any marketing tools are paid by each candidate separate and apart.
  3. The recording in the article was not an automated robocall. The volunteer made the call manually using a cell phone.

The comments that were made were not based on truth, but it is an attempt to discredit the candidates/ elected officials mentioned in the article. Wake up people! I can not stress this enough, consider the source. Food for thought.


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A True Snapshot


The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting.~Charles Burkowski

A mock election event simulates an actual election. The idea is basically to capture a real snapshot of how a candidate will do. The candidate will have an idea of where they stand and possibly project the outcome of the future election. I did not get the experience this past Sunday. A mock election staged at the Kissimmee Lakefront in Florida. I was not going to write about this, but I felt a need to express it and educate those about a mock election.

Let us begin with the mock ballot. It must include all candidates regardless whether they paid for an event booth or not. Make sure all of the candidates represented and listed under the correct seat they are running for. The ballot must include all candidate names in alphabetical order. The outcome will not be accurate if all candidates are not captured on the ballot.

Upon checking in, a citizen must be given the privacy to fill out their ballot. Then the citizen must fold the ballot and drop it in the box before exiting.

On a positive note: The candidates were given the opportunity to participate, interact with future constituents. It was a great way for candidates to gain exposure to the public. Candidates that were present got to introduce themselves, state the seat they are aspiring for and speak about their platforms. There was plenty of photo and video opportunity for the candidates that were at the event.

I welcome your feedback.