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Human Crazy

“Being human is a given. But keeping our humanity is a choice. “


I find myself reflecting on our current world situation with the Coronavirus. So much going on, I cannot make heads or tails, or possibly make sense of it all. Human crazy! Am I alone on this? Do any of you read this feel the same? I decided to flush all on this page. Let me know if I come across too anxious or again, Human Crazy!

Mr. President

Please help me to understand the method to your madness. Thus far, I see more of madness than a solution. I never thought I’d say this, but I don’t feel safe where I live. Your leadership leaves many questions unanswered. You continue to ignore all of the warning signs, and you are leading the people towards disaster, more deaths, more mayhem, and more confusion. Listen to the experts in the medical field like Dr. Fauci, who is a leading expert in the area of disease control. Listen! Please, Listen!

Mask Rebellion

I implore my fellow humans to see that COVID 19 continues to kill those close to us. For those of you who still feel that this is a hoax, look around. It is real! I am living proof I have seen what this thing can do. Please don’t take it for granted. Wear a mask, and it will save lives!

I recently lost my friend, and my brother tested positive as well as a few close friends, so yes, it is genuine. Many of you are protesting, saying that it is your right to refuse, your God-given right? I am here to say I choose life, and I want to live, that is my God-given right! Do your research! When did this human pandemic become political? It should have never happened; perhaps the outcome would be different.

COVID Rising

If you watch the news, you will see that the number of positive cases is rising, the number of hospitalizations is rising, and the hospitals are running out of space. Even the morgues are filled, and some states have begun to bring in freezer trucks for the dead, but yet I hear plans for opening the schools. Why? Now, our children are in jeopardy and danger? They are as much at risk as adults. Think about it, let us say the child attends the school, he or she may have an elderly in their home, so that being said, this child ultimately will bring in the virus and spread it to his or her family. Think about the bigger picture!

I say all of this in hopes that it will touch someone, make them see that the pandemic is much larger than anticipated, and we are in this together for better or for worse.


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COVID On My Mind

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

~Warren Buffet

In the light of COVID, surrounded by despair and crisis, that is all I can think about is death. What is it going to take for those doubting this pandemic to see the light? 2020 will forever go down in history as the pandemic that challenged all of us to be better, and for those non-believers. We must pray!

It is surreal seeing people in the media being defiant, and downright belligerent. It is sad! Don’t they realize if not for themselves, but for a loved one. It is crucial not to drag this virus into their home and infect someone they love, maybe this is what they need to make the picture come into focus.

I recently lost a close friend to COVID, and my brother tested positive, and thank God he is among those that survived. I also was exposed I got tested and by the grace of God I was negative. My mother who is 89 years of age lives with me, so it is crucial that I stay safe for her sake.

The numbers continue to climb, and they have named the state of Florida an epicenter. I don’t know how this will play out all I know I will continue to do my due diligence to practice safety by wearing my mask and practice social distancing.

Be Safe!

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My Dear Friend in Heaven

“The song is ended, but the melody lingers on.”

~Irving Berlin

I heard that you passed away yesterday, and it breaks my heart to face the reality that you are no longer on this earth. So many feelings are swirling inside me right now. I have many regrets, one I did not keep in touch with you and Cella all of those years. I often thought of you and how things were going.

I love the postings Cella would do on occasion, and it was sporadic to see you there with her. It was always around the celebration of a holiday or a birthday. I remember how you felt about social media; you did not care for it much. I decided to write you this letter in honor of you.

We were friends from the start when we met in the Borough of Manhattan Community College. I did not know what to make of you with your big Latina fro and your big framed glasses, it was in 1977 after all. You were always so outspoken, and you knew your path of success from the beginning. You had a great sense of humor, a huge heart, contagious laughter, and never fearful of speaking your mind.

We kept in touch for the most part, and we went on to begin our families, but we always kept in touch through the rough times as well as the good times. I don’t know the exact reason we lost touch, but I have a memory.

I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, and I am too sensitive about certain things. And you being so outspoken, I got my feelings hurt by you over stupidity.

I was already living in Florida, and you visited with Cella. You loved cooking, so one evening you wanted to make a signature dish that you were so proud of. It was Chicken with white sauce and rice. Delicious! Believe it or not, I was not too fond of the way you took over the kitchen. It was so stupid thinking in retrospect. I was grateful for your excellent meal, but I felt like you trespassed. I should have told you how I felt, but instead, I began to distance myself.

My friend, I am asking of you in heaven where you are right at this moment to forgive me. I will have to live with this, and it is all because of my sensitive self, and for that, I am deeply sorry.

In my heart, I believe you heard me. You will be deeply missed, my friend.

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Pulse Remembered


My heart rate diminishes,
As I remember lives lost
To senseless violence. 


That night of June 12, 2016,
49 of you were taken
By a mad shooter using an assault rifle.
He came calling,
And trespassed onto your haven.


Years later,
Souls are remembered.
Hearts carry on but
You were not forgotten.


We honor you today,
With Love, and
With Compassion. 


Let us take action and
Stop the violence.
Replace it with love over hate!

Pulse will forever be remembered.

We are all Connected

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Recovery is a Bitch!

Recovering from surgery can be a bitch. It has been three months since I underwent arthroscopic knee surgery for a torn meniscus. Two weeks before my incident I had knee symptoms with pain and discomfort.  I could not figure out the source or the cause.

Incident: The day before Thanksgiving as I was leaving work, talking with my co-worker. I stepped down from the curb and all of a sudden I felt a popping from behind my right knee. The pain was so excruciating, my tears appeared, and the expression on my face was heartbreaking as described later by my coworker, Cindy. What comes to my mind was the horrific pain, OMG!!! She helped me to my car and all the while thinking how was I going to drive home?  I propped myself inside the car, my coworker, Cindy says to me, ” take your time before turning on the car.” She offered to stay with me but I told her I would be okay, but deep down inside I was terrified. I finally got the courage to start the car, every stop light I alternated with my left foot. I tried my best not to think about the pain. I got home safely, but my husband had to assist me out of the car.

Recovery: I stayed at home in recovery for two weeks after my surgery.  I could have used the allotted time given of my Family Medical Leave, but I decided to return to work. Some days are more challenging than others, but my focus is to be well.

Life Lesson: Embrace each day, no matter what the challenge…food for thought.