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Waiting for Sleep

Sleep is so important. When you lack it. It will make you crazy, cause you want it! I am not sleeping. Is it my food intake? Am I doing mental lists? Perhaps, I am on overload from the day.
I miss sleeping like I use to. In fact, I wish I could fall asleep as easy. Like my husband with little to no effort. It does not happen often, but when it does. It is such a pain!
It is now 2:27 am. It’s insane!


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No Sleep!

When you cannot sleep and don’t know why. The root cause? Your body has shut down, but your mind has not. If you were to describe your body as a machine. The principal control center won’t shut down, but if it does(sleep). The other parts will follow…too many times sleep has been taken. It does not happen often but, when it does… it makes for a long night.

Ways you can cope

  • You can choose to watch a program on television.
  • Read a book that will help you relax.
  • Write your thoughts down.
  • Keep an ongoing journal.
  • Choose a movie.
  • Play a game on the computer.

There are no quick solutions, but anything that can help is a welcomed blessing.