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My Holiday Message 2017

Looking forward to the new year 2018 I must admit that 2017 was the year of crisis, challenges, and awakenings of what is to come. How do I begin to speak about this year without sounding sad or disgruntled? Instead, I must bring forth hope and instill it in my heart at all cost.


I had my surgery for a torn meniscus, recovering at home when all hell broke loose in Washington with a new president, lack of inaugural attendance, the women protest and the new catch phrase, ” fake news” was on the rise. I was laid up in bed recovering from my surgery and watching it all unravel in the media. The women protest was visible with a sea of pink throughout the land,  so I got inspired to crochet a pink pooty hat for myself, but I will not say what it is actually called. Get the picture?

Health Scare

My husband and I had to undergo a heart catheter procedure to rule out possible blockage and hardening of the arteries. I am happy to report that we both came through it with no abnormalities. What a blessing!

Hurricane Crisis

We were hit with two major hurricanes Irma and Maria. My husband and I planned a cruise to Cuba and it so happens that hurricane Irma was on her way, what madness but it was an interesting adventure!

Reality Strikes: Losing all of your possessions due to a hurricane is devastating. That is what happened to some of my relatives when Irma and Maria hit the mainland, and Puerto Rico. The Virgin Islands and the rest of the Caribbean were also hit.

Dealing with a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is a real heartbreak, seeing someone who was active, independent in the community drift further into the disease after this massive hurricane. My mother in law lost her apartment and her independence. She has some good days and many bad ones but we continue to love her and guide her. She is living with us now and we strive to cope one day at a time.

Marriage News

My two nieces, Olga Esther and Maggie tied the knot, one in April and the other in July. They both looked beautiful on their wedding day. Wishing them both lots of happiness and many blessings in the future.

Baby News

When life gives us struggles, look for the blessings and celebrate.  We welcomed two newborns into our family this year. Two of our nieces blessed us with two grandnephews, Amir Emmanuel born in December to parents Kisha and Glen and Ariah Nicole born in July to parents Olga Esther and Andersin.

Life Lessons

I have shared the good, the bad and the ugly with no pun intended. We must welcome each day as a gift because you don’t know how long you will have it. Count each blessing as it comes and learns from the things that are not so pleasant in your life.

Happy New Year! 



Farewell My Lucky

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Nostalgic: My cat Lucky

Charity1958's Blog

Lucky passed away this afternoon at age 15.

Our handsome cat, Lucky was put to sleep at age 15 today. He lost his battle to feline aids and our surprise; it was very shocking!. He was a beautiful blondes tabby coat; extra toes often referred to as a Hemingway cat or a snowshoe cat. He weighed twenty-eight pounds.

You never can shake the sadness from your heart or stop the tears from streaming down your face, and no matter how many times we lose a pet, Lucky was my family member!

My husband was with him in the end; I was at work. I felt great guilt for not being able to hold him in my arms and to say good-bye. He was a mere twelve pounds when he died.

Lucky began to drop the weight a month prior. He had stopped eating and would not drink the water. Why didn’t I see his symptoms?

When I…

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My Phantom Girl

Nostalgic: My Phantom Girl

Charity1958's Blog

It has been about two years since my cat; Phantom passed away and memories of her come fluttering through my mind. She was elderly, but in good shape for her years, maintaining her weight at eight and a half pounds. She was a trooper until the end. On her last evening, she comfortably laid down on our lawn and went in her sleep. I, imagine that she did not suffer.

A week or two prior I did notice that her walk was stiff. She was not as agile as a young kitty. I adopted Phantom from my dear friend, Joyce. Phantom and her family found their way to her house. Joyce took notice; she got all of them taken care of at the Vets and eventually found homes for all of them. Joyce and I worked together at the time.

One day, she approached me about adopting. I was unsure…

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True Dreams Past and Present


Charity1958's Blog

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ~Harriet Tubman

I did not have an idea what my future would bring growing up. I had many dreams back then, but the dreams I had were very high on my ambition scale. My parents did the best with what they had. We were a family of four, my dad worked a lot, and my mom stayed at home to take care of us, but my story is not about my upbringing, it’s about discovering our real dreams. I left my parents direct to my married home.

Now, fast forward to the present. I am in my late fifties, have adult children, I am a grandmother and married to the same guy for over thirty years. What can I say, he is my best friend, my…

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All for Political Gain​


Persons within the political world are doing harm to candidates for political gain, and power. It has made me question humanity. Do humans commit hate-based acts of evil for revenge or payback? Is an election so important that you feel the need to discredit, malign a fellow candidate? If so, you have sold your soul to the devil!

Citizens for Integrity in Florida, a mysterious special interest group, has surfaced. Furthermore, this group is doing a negative campaign against the current candidate, John Cortes, the incumbent running for Florida House, District 43 re-election.  It so happens that the negative ad began to circulate about the same time of the PACs inception.

The opposing candidates should show themselves to the candidates they are challenging instead of lurking about in the shadows behind a PAC-Political Actions Committee.

Citizens, voters must look beyond that smoke screen, find the source and don’t think that those special interest groups are exempt. They go after the candidate not considering that it is the whole family they are attacking, not just the candidate.

The candidate and his family worked very hard to heal from what happened. They since moved on and are a stronger family for it!

To My friends and Family of Facebook

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Pulse: We are all Connected!

Only God can turn a mess into a message, a test into a testimony, a trial into a triumph, a victim into a victory. ~Unknown

The aftermath of the Pulse tragedy weighs heavily on my mind. It was a crime of hate and Yes! It is “A Hate Crime!” On the news, as reported an act of terrorism, but this individual hated people of a different culture, lifestyle.

My son’s friends died in that tragedy; his friends invited him out that night, but a mere twist of fate kept him from going. He was celebrating a friend’s birthday, and he almost cancelled with her to meet his friends. Little did he know that it would be the last time. I came close to losing my son that night. It just makes me value those around me even more. My son is grieving the loss of his friends; Juan and Drew. My heart is full of sadness, all those young souls that will no longer have their families, friends love on them ever again.

We must all strive from hate must come love. Every human on our planet connects to all walks of life. We all bleed the same; we are made up of blood, blood-red with flesh on our bones. 

Get rid of the labels, the status quo. Let us rebuild move forward and mourn for those we have lost and celebrate how they lived!

We are Orlando Strong!

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Arg! The Political World


I got my eye on you!

Arg! The political world is so full of rhetoric, lies, and fabrications. Candidates are no longer held accountable, and many even go out of their way to discredit the opposition. We as constituents have a responsibility as well. Don’t take things at face value, consider the source and who has a high stake in the political outcome. Don’t get me wrong there are good; hard-working candidates that care about the people they plan to serve.

Whatever happened to stick to the issues and speaking out on ways of improving lives, if elected? Apparently, that is no longer so!

Decorum no longer exists, skies the limit! It ranges from the candidates at the local level all the way up to the presidential. I have lost count every time I turned on the television and confronted with a campaign commercial with a candidate in view slinging insults towards another. It has become a free for all! Where is our world going?

Candidates must stop wasting time creating negative energy and stand on their merit! The applicant’s negativity is contagious and destructive, and many are affected. Just watch the news, it is in our faces every day.

I don’t usually write and complain about political stuff, but it has become very disturbing. Food for thought!