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Thirty-four Years

Our anniversary wedding

Thirty-four years! Thinking back on how we met; “One’s disco?” You introduced your dad as your uncle, funny! Remember that?

It is where it all began. We were so young and inexperienced. A young man asks a young woman to dance, instantly bringing them together, not expecting to unite and to share a life. I don’t want to sound cliche, but we have survived the turbulence, the trials and anything that was thrown our way in between.

The question that we get asked, “What is your formula for a successful marriage?” There is no set formula!

My advice is to, “laugh,  talk, cry, laugh some more and talk it out! The key is to talk it out!

I look forward to the next thirty or more years together.

With all my love,



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My Horrific Job Experience

Charity's Blog

It is a funny thing to reflect back on past events. You find yourself wanting the outcome to be different and walk away with a positive note. My horrific job experience has been replayed on and off in my mind for two years. It was the worst experience I have ever endured!

Where do I begin? Prior to working for the state, my employment experience was to provide service to those with mental illness. I did it for ten years.

What changed? I wanted seek professional growth.

Train the New Employee

My experience being a state employee was totally different from working for a non-profit. In working with the elderly, I was assigned a trainer, and I  was required to commit for one year. My duties were to go out into the community to learn the process of assessing elderly individuals seeking services.

Conflict:  It was difficult to conduct a thorough assessment, to be interrupted multiple times and  told…

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Friend to Friend

Why have I not heard from you?
It does not take a rocket scientist to know that you have disconnected.
Have I offended you or hurt you in some way?
If so I invite you to speak on it.
I previously made attempts to reach out to you. Not by text, email, but by actual voice message.
Don’t assume that friends can detect hurt feelings from afar.
Multitude of recent experiences at work has taught me a few truths.
I am striving to make improvements in my personal and in my professional life.
My life lesson?
1. Things do not always appear as they really are.
2. Very few people I have encountered are forthcoming.
3. I try not to take things personally. This last point is a life long process.

Well friend if I don’t hear from you…enjoy the future.


Stories of My Father: “Mami de Abajo”

Childhood memories can be a tricky thing for one person more than another. Two siblings can grow up in the same environment, but the experience will be different and told differently. The way I remember my grandmother, my brother or sister may not have the same memory.

My grandmother was kind, loving, a tender woman with an abundance of love to give. We referred to her as mami de abajo( mom from below).  We lived on the fifth floor of the same building and she lived on the second, hence, the nickname. We did not call her grandma just mami. Her hair was kept tied behind her head in shape of a bun.

I remember this particular house dress that she wore, brown print with small flower buds, no sleeves and flat house slippers.

I was very attached to her, maybe due to how she showed an interest. I felt the love, care and most importantly I was valued.

Growing up in a home where your time is shared by other siblings. You don’t get the same quality from the parents. Not to say that I was loved any less. It was just the way things were in those day. My parents did the best with what they had at the time.

Mami de abajo, was passionate and strict in her way of thinking. How my father remembered the wedding planning for my cousin’s wedding? My grandmother campaigned on my behalf. She wanted me to be my cousin’s flower girl, but my cousin felt that I was too old at nine. Her first choice was my sister, who was seven.

Can you guess who won that battle? Yes, I became my cousin’s flower girl. I found the story very amusing to say the least.

There has been many instances, where I have wondered what my grandmother would say about this or that in my current life. I do feel deep in my heart that our relationship would have continued to be close, as it was when I was a child.

I was twelve when my grandmother passed. Mami de abajo, this one is for you written with love.

My grandmother, ” Mami de Abajo.”

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Another Sleepless Night

Why can’t I sleep, especially this week? I must be on mind overload. Why is that? Turned on the television… I flipped channels for a bit. Watched Real Time with Bill Maher, but it was a repeat. I kind of hoped to hear his take on the debate between Obama and Romney.

I did not expect Obama to be so laid back. I did not feel like he had his A game. Romney surprisingly had his guns packed. He scares me…my 54th birthday is in December. If Romney is elected I will be among those that will be on that voucher system and retirement won’t be until I am in my seventies.

What if I become unhealthy? My family medical gene pool is not great. I will be totally screwed!

Did I mention I am looking for work, unemployed now going on two years. Countless resumes sent out, four interviews and no prospects to date. Wow! No wonder I can’t sleep…too much crap floating about on my mind.

I have to believe that things will get better for all of us.

And maybe, just maybe…I will find my sleep again.

With a little prayer, let’s hope so.

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Masquerade! What Kind of Mask Would you Wear?

My daughter is approaching a milestone on her 30th Birthday. I guess I am getting up there in age. It is hard to believe that time has indeed passed quickly; to look at her, she is beautiful, her own woman, and I am so proud of her. She is planning a masquerade theme party.

Although the guests are not required to wear masks, it is her wish, and her desire that they do. It got me thinking about what type of mask I’d wear and to decide whether I’d create it, buy it or opt to wear masquerade make-up.

FYI: The last option would not be suitable for me. I am not a face artist; although, it be very cool!

I viewed various tutorials about Masquerade masks two nights ago and the spectacular styles available on YouTube. I was amazed that this is such a craze! I found it so fascinating that I decided to upload a few to share.

I welcome your feedback, and tell me what you think.

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In Memory of Whitney Houston

Whitney died today at 48, it was a shock…she was a great loss with so much talent. I just viewed her music on YouTube from her most recent album, ” I look to you.”  I really don’t know why it has affected me so, perhaps it is because she died young, just a few years younger than me. It goes to show that you never know when your maker sends for you. She definitely made her mark on this earth. I would like to place some of her songs on this page in memory of a great legend…

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Keep Well

You are the most important person, first and foremost.

If you did not take good care of yourself, what would happen?

You would not be any good to those that love you.

Imagine! You are most valuable and as stable as gold.

Take the necessary steps, or else the outcome will not be good.

It is important that you take notice of this message!

Only you hold the key to keeping health sacred.

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