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Another Sleepless Night

Why can’t I sleep, especially this week? I must be on mind overload. Why is that? Turned on the television… I flipped channels for a bit. Watched Real Time with Bill Maher, but it was a repeat. I kind of hoped to hear his take on the debate between Obama and Romney.

I did not expect Obama to be so laid back. I did not feel like he had his A game. Romney surprisingly had his guns packed. He scares me…my 54th birthday is in December. If Romney is elected I will be among those that will be on that voucher system and retirement won’t be until I am in my seventies.

What if I become unhealthy? My family medical gene pool is not great. I will be totally screwed!

Did I mention I am looking for work, unemployed now going on two years. Countless resumes sent out, four interviews and no prospects to date. Wow! No wonder I can’t sleep…too much crap floating about on my mind.

I have to believe that things will get better for all of us.

And maybe, just maybe…I will find my sleep again.

With a little prayer, let’s hope so.