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Beware: No Factual Backing!

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Seek truth from facts~ Deng Xiaoping

There has been a lot of mud-slinging and little platform to work. You see many commercials and endorsements.  I thought it was always a given that you do not endorse candidates until after a primary election. I guess I am old school.

I came across an article today where it made allegations against the Osceola Continuum Coalition. They are new, innovative, and many find it hard to understand, and heavens forbid,  it requires people to think outside the box. The article in question references marketing materials and “illegal electioneering” efforts allegedly done by the Continuum Coalition. It goes as far as to mention the candidates/ elected officials. It displays a recording done by a volunteer letting voters know that candidates will be going door to door in their neighborhoods. Multiple allegations with no factual backing and it disgust me to see writers throw words on a page to see where the letters will fall and on whom.

The Truth:

  1. The Continuum Coalition is a voluntary group.
  2. Each campaign expenditure, any marketing tools are paid by each candidate separate and apart.
  3. The recording in the article was not an automated robocall. The volunteer made the call manually using a cell phone.

The comments that were made were not based on truth, but it is an attempt to discredit the candidates/ elected officials mentioned in the article. Wake up people! I can not stress this enough, consider the source. Food for thought.


Author: charity1958

I am a writer at heart. My love for writing was discovered back in 2009. I truly believe that it is never too late to discover your passion. I am originally from the Bronx of New York and presently reside​ in Kissimmee, Florida since 1994. My interest is vast with a multitude of ideas. I look forward to writing about them and I hope you will join me as I express my views, ideas, and passion for life.

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