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Are you taken seriously?


Are you are taken seriously? I have and my epiphany is that I am not looked upon as the go-to of knowledge. It is not for lack of intelligence, it is due to the way I am. I come across as the kidding around, jokey type. I am pretty easy going I am good-humored. As a person with ADHD, I guess I use humor as a defense mechanism and as a way of looking beyond a disability.

As a kid, and as an adult I was viewed the same way, although I was not diagnosed with ADHD until much later, but lately, I been self-reflecting. At work, I take responsibility for my actions. I have made a great stride to improve, but when it comes to serious work issues I am not the one that appears on the radar.

Just the other day I was onsite at work and we were all called upon to make a goodbye retirement video from all the employees to one of our employees. My coworkers viewed my video submission and began to make critiques and chuckle. In my defense, I outright told them, “at least I submitted a video, did any of you?” They responded, “no, and we don’t do videos.” I indirectly let them know, “you have no right to critique if you did not participate.” They left me alone after that and proceeded as though nothing occurred. Inside within myself, I was not happy and was disappointed at their reaction.

I have worked to self improve the way I am perceived by others through my blogging, doing leadership presentations, new hire orientations, and employee of the month presentations in my professional life.

I am not there yet and I feel there is so much left for me to accomplish. Stay tuned!

Author: charity1958

I am a writer at heart. My love for writing was discovered back in 2009. I truly believe that it is never too late to discover your passion. I am originally from the Bronx of New York and presently reside​ in Kissimmee, Florida since 1994. My interest is vast with a multitude of ideas. I look forward to writing about them and I hope you will join me as I express my views, ideas, and passion for life.

5 thoughts on “Are you taken seriously?

  1. I’m sorry to hear about what happened with your co-workers.

    Some very unasked for advice is up ahead. Don’t ever get rid of your sense of humour. If people don’t take you seriously it’s their choice. I look at people who take themselves too seriously to be sort of sad and I feel sorry for them.

    If you want to be taken seriously, I suggest (1) asking for advice on small matters. People are more likely to feel good about listening to you if they’re feeling good about themselves. Then there’s (2) reading, researching and (3) presenting your ideas in a way that entertains. Research has shown that people will highly rate presentations that are entertaining. (4) Invite others to contribute to a work project. (5) Offer to help colleagues with small tasks.

    You may have done all of these things. It is a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating process but it will work out for you in the end.


  2. Thank you for sharing. Defenses to deal with disability is hard to explain or understand. I’ve come to learn that I must think of me first and what others do is their journey. I’m still working on it but at least I’m less likely to make everything personal.


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